Top 3 Best Masking Tapes

There are a lot of uses for masking tape. You might be more familiar with this as a sticky tape that’s used to protect certain areas of an object or wall when you’re painting. This is actually a different kind of tape since it has a pressure-sensitive composition. It’s usually thin and made of some paper material so it’s easier to tear off after use without damaging the surface of the object you’re working on. The adhesive action of this tape won’t leave any residue on the surface which is great. Here are some of the best masking tape available.

Scotch(R) Home and Office Masking Tape

When it comes to masking tapes, the one from the brand Scotch 3M is a reliable one. A lot of people use this for their home and office needs. You can choose the thickness of the masking tape that you needed for your task. This one comes with a standard size of ¾ inches, but you can choose thicker ones for your needs. You can easily apply this to a clean surface and remove it after usage without leaving any residue to the object. It’s easy to conform this masking tape to any surface, even contoured ones.

3M 2060 Scotch Masking Tape for Hard-to-Stick Surfaces

3M 2060 Scotch Masking Tape for Hard-to-Stick Surfaces, 1.41-Inch by 60-Yard, 1-Pack

Another highly recommended masking tape from 3M is this product. If you need to use a masking tape to surfaces where it’s hard to stick any adhesive tapes on it, then this is a reliable masking tape product to use. This is specially made for difficult surfaces such as concrete, rough wood, brick and even stucco surfaces. You can also use this for lacquer coatings without worrying about damaging the lacquer. Even though this has a high adhesion level, you can still effectively remove it from the surface without leaving any long-lasting damage. It’s quite durable and easy to apply.

ProTapes Pro 795 Crepe Paper General Purpose Masking Tape

If you needed a masking tape for a general purpose then this is the perfect one to use. This masking tape can also conform to irregular shapes so you can use it for anything. Even if you need to adhere your masking tape to different kinds of surface this is quite capable of doing its job. The crepe paper backing of this masking is easy to unwind and conform so you can use it for different tasks. The price of this product is very affordable. Even if you buy a lot of this for your work you won’t go broke.


In choosing the best masking tape to use you need to get the right size that you’ll need for your work. There are different widths that you can get on the market. It’s important that you check the adhesive level of the masking tape you want to use. It should be able to adhere well to the surface of the object you’re working on but easy to remove without leaving any residue on the surface of the object after you remove it.

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