Top 3 Best Battery Operated Fans

The summer might be over for some, but for people who are living somewhere where the weather is perpetually hot and humid, having your own battery operated fan is such a great idea. Since it’s battery operated you can place it anywhere as long as the direction of the cooling air reaches you. This product usually has a compact design that makes it easy for you to carry and set it to the area that needs more cooling action. There are even compact fans that you can carry in your hands to fan yourself steadily.

O2COOL Portable Fan

You can use this type of battery operated fan when you need to set it on your desk while you work or while you sleep. It has 5 inches made of durable material. You can use two D cell batteries in order to make this fan work. They even suggest that you use Polaroid D batteries to have a better cooling experience. You can tilt this fan in the direction that you wanted. There are two cooling speeds that you can choose from. It’s a great battery operated fan to use when you go camping or other outdoors activities.

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan

This is another best-selling product that a lot of people recommend. For such an affordable price you can now use a small and portable fan that you can clip to almost anything, even your desk or the side of your baby’s trolley. The unique design of this product is very convenient to use. Even though this is one of the smallest fans out there, it compensates for its performance. You’ll be amazed how powerful this fan is. It even has a max wind speed of 75 feet per second. It doesn’t produce loud noises, unlike other products.

OPOLAR Rechargeable Portable Fan

This is another highly recommended battery operated fan that you need to check out. Unlike the other products, you can actually choose up to three wind speeds with this product. It’s capable of producing a maximum air flow of 4.2m/s which is pretty impressive for such a compact fan. You can actually recharge the battery of this fan allowing you to carry this anywhere and anytime. It’s a perfect fan to use when you need to travel. You can also use this for your office or your room. The small design makes it easy for you to store anywhere.


You can keep yourself cool anytime and anywhere with the use of the best battery operated fan. Since it has a compact design you can set it anywhere. Some even come with a clip. Choose a product that best suits your needs. If you want to use one that you can use for your outdoor activities choose one that’s portable but can pack a great supply of energy in the form of rechargeable batteries. It’s also important that you check the overall quality of the product and the strength of the wind speed in such a small fan.

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