The Top 3 Best Adjustable Kettlebells

A kettlebell is an efficient workout tool that can strengthen and tone your lower back, your legs, and even your shoulders. This also helps in strengthening your grip. Using an adjustable kettlebell is even better. You can adjust the right weight that you can carry and then increase the load once you get accustomed to the weight level that you’re working out with. Using a kettlebell isn’t just your ordinary weight lifting since it consists of repetitive moves that encourage your aerobic strength. You can have your own high-intensity interval training using your own adjustable kettlebell that suits your needs.

Empower Kettlebell

There are different lifting moves and style that you can try using your own adjustable kettlebell. This product is one of the most popular kettlebells sold on the market. You can increase the weight of your kettlebell the way you like it. You only have to click and twist the added weight on and off. You can go from a 5-pound kettlebell to an 8 pound and then 12 pound which is the maximum weight of this product. The handle of this kettlebell is comfortable to grip and use. You can do different moves using this amazing exercise tool.

Stamina X Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell

Another adjustable kettlebell that we found on the market is this product. You can actually carry as much weight as 36 pounds with this. If you’re comfortable with using heavy weight then you can try the maximum weight of this kettlebell, but if you’re a beginner you can try to use the 16 pounds first and then increase the weight that best suits your weight training. When you purchase this you also get a square base where you can place your kettlebell after a workout. You can even do some stable push-ups using this since it has a rounded base.

Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

The last product on our list is another high-quality adjustable kettlebell that you can use for weightlifting. The extra-wide handle makes it easy for you to handle during weight lifting. The wide base makes it stable so you can do some push-ups when you want to. You can adjust the weight levels that you wanted for your training. With this, you don’t have to buy a lot of kettlebells with different weight since you can from light to heavy weight lifting just by removing or adding some iron plates. Its price is very reasonable for such a convenient and versatile product.


You don’t have to burn money buying different kettlebells with different weight when you can just buy one of the best adjustable kettlebell available on the market. Whether you’re new to weightlifting training or you’re a well-seasoned athlete, you can benefit a lot from using an adjustable kettlebell that can challenge your muscles into lifting heavy weight. You should check the weight capability of the adjustable that you’re planning to purchase. The overall construction and design of the product must be comfortable to use. Having a wide handle makes it easy for you to grip and lift. Having a flat bottom makes it possible for you to do some push-ups too.

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