The Best Selling and Top Rated Electric Knives

Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, having a reliable set of knives in the kitchen is a very important key in preparing meals. Discover how preparing a feast for special occasions becomes an easy task with an electric knife. Imagine fruit centrepieces carved into beautiful work of art with professional precision. Imagine your exquisitely prepared meat expertly carved clean by its perfect sharp blades. It can also cut bread and even cake for desert delicately without crushing. The electric knife will surely help make food carving one of the most anticipated highlight of your celebration.

In a fast paced lifestyle, having an electric knife helps shorten the time spent for food preparation. The stainless steel blades remain sharper for a longer period compared to that of manual knives. Surprise yourself by filleting fish in a few swift moves. You can also do away with large meat slicers as it even allows you to cut through frozen meat minimal effort and better control. Let the electric knife inspire your cooking by elevating your food preparation and presentation into works of art.

Black & Decker EK 700 Slice Right Knife

Treat yourself with the top of the line and most versatile of all electric knives.  Whether you’re someone who loves to work with grilled meat, baked bread or even upholstery foam, this product is for you.  The Black & Decker EK 700 Slice Right Knife allows for effortless slicing is designed with the user’s comfort and safety in mind. It comes with a 9” offset stainless steel serrated blades – with an initial 7 1/2” side plus a 1 1/2” tang before the plastic safety guards for those large cut of meat perfect during holiday celebrations.

It also boasts of an ergonomic comfort grip handle with an ambidextrous design that gives easy control for all users letting you cut through your food or any other material in seconds. Safety precaution includes a safety lock button to control to avoid accidental turn on. There’s also a blade release button that lets you remove the blades in one click. All the parts are dishwasher safe so there is no fuss cleaning.

Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

If you are searching for something elegant then look no further. The Cuisinart CEK 40 electric knife is one of the most popular electric knives in the market today and boasts of its unique storage design. A butcher block doubles as a wood block storage that allows you to display your electric knife up right or position it lying down and safely tuck your kit inside a kitchen drawer, taking away the risk of misplacing parts after disassembling the unit for cleaning.

It uses high quality 8” stainless steel blades for that easy slicing experience into your large birds, steaks or bread while the ergonomically designed handle gives you maximum control over your knife movement without intense physical exertion that manual knives require. It also has safety locks for the blades located on either side of the handle to ensure hassle free removal and replacement of blades. The kit includes a bread blade, a carving blade and a butcher block holding tray.

Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve ‘n Set Electric Knife with Case

One of the best priced electric knife in the market, the Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve ‘n Set electric knife will surely give you more value to your money. It comes with a sturdy plastic space saving storage case with two latches for safe keeping. The handle is durable and provides you with a balanced non slip grip that lets you control knife movement similar to your manual knives. It has an easily reachable on and off non slip trigger and a blade release button for making food carving and slicing as safe as possible.

The high grade, dual serrated, stainless steel blade measuring 7 ½” easily cuts into meet and bread but without ever getting dull so it takes away the gruelling task of knife sharpening to give you more time into preparing your food. It also comes with a carving fork that pairs well with your electric knife for an even more relaxed meat carving experience.

Hamilton Beach 74275 Electric Carving Knife with Case

Turn meat carving and bread slicing into a pleasant, stress free experience with the Hamilton Beach 74275 electric carving knife. It features stainless steel blades that never requires sharpening and paired with a stainless steel carving fork for additional manageability. The blades are powered using a 64” 120 volt power cord providing just the right power to seamlessly get through slicing meat with little effort. So whether you’re up against a bulky roast or steak, or cutting thru delicate pastries, this unit will always cut through clean without ruining the texture.

The handle is very durable with the balance and weight enough to support the pressure of the moving blades while it is being used. It is also ergonomically designed, with the safety on and off switch located in the middle of the handle for convenience of both left and right handed users. The product comes to you in a very handy, sturdy case built from flexible plastic material for easy convenient safe keeping all in one place.

Proctor Silex 74311 Easy Slice Electric Knife

The price alone on this product will make you want to prepare a feast. Don’t be intimidated by the bulkiness as often times this ensures that the handle can take the shock from the blades while it’s at work, it is surprisingly light weight. Besides, the handle is also ergonomically designed and hand contoured to make sure you have a comfortable grip and control while carving. The control button located on the top of the handle allows both left and right handed users to conveniently go about their food preparation task without much fuss.

The blade itself is measures approximately 14” that comes handy for large turkey roast, letting you cut along the length of the meat with one effortless stroke. All in all, the Proctor Silex 74311 Easy Slice Electric Knife is a sure value for money product suitable for home use.

What to Look For

Electric Knives have been around for quite some time and companies have already come up with a number of variations for this product working around balancing function, design and safety in mind within anyone’s budget. With the advancement of technology, you may get overwhelmed with the hundreds of options available on the market that there is a huge risk of ending up purchasing a unit that doesn’t work for you. Below are some things you may want to consider when choosing your own electric knife.

  • Consider the size and bulk of your product. Most of the time the size of an electric knife reflects its durability that relates to its purpose or frequency of use. For industrial purposes such as a commercial kitchen for a restaurant or a hotel, a large version of the product is more appropriate. Larger and longer blades with heavier handles make it more durable for daily and frequent use on a huge bulk of meat to process. On the other hand, smaller units are recommended for homes that use electric knives during special occasion or holidays to carve through turkey and other roasts.
  • All electric knives need a power source. One has the option to choose between battery operated, cordless version or the traditional plug in variety. Both options have pros and cons but if you do decide on purchasing one with a cord, make sure that the product’s cord is long enough for it not to get in the way of your slicing. You should also check out the price and availability of replacement blades in case you need to purchase one in the future.
  • Know your blade as it does all the work. By default, the stainless steel blades of electric knives are designed to last longer than those of manual knives when taken cared off properly. Nowadays the blades could easily be placed inside a dishwasher but may also cause it to dull out sooner than it’s supposed to. Extra long blades are also selling points of electric knives but bears the risk of bending that takes away from the expected performance of the product. The handle is as important as the blade. Make sure to compare electric knife handles before purchasing. Ideally, a handle should be well balanced with enough weight, also ideally located below the hand, to support the blades while being used. Electric knives selling point is removing the pressure on your hand while cutting but the handle still needs to take the pressure from the blades. Easy grip, no slip variations are common nowadays but there are ones that are ergonomic and ambidextrous designs for more comfort.
  • Safety is also key. With automatic tools comes the risk of accidents, even more so when you’re working with blades which is why there are standard safety precaution that one must take note of. Look for the safety lock, making sure that it is located conveniently for you to stop the product at a moment’s notice but also far enough that you won’t be able to accidentally turn it on. Look also for the blade release button as this ensures the blades are locked in place before and after using and can only be removed when you meant for it to be.


The above list gives you the top electric knife products in the market today that should help you in making the best decision. Choosing an electric knife that will work best for you can be fun but also confusing at times so it’s important that you take your time and browse around before deciding, while keeping in mind your purpose for purchasing one. Remember that the most inexpensive product isn’t always the best choice as there are issues of durability and safety to consider. However, finally getting the perfect electric knife that suits your lifestyle will be worth it and you can very well be on your way to enjoying the often times daunting task of food preparation and presentation.

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