The Best Blankets for a Warm and Cozy Rest

What qualifies a blanket to be the best blanket for you? Blankets are defined as pieces of fabric used for warmth on a bed, but there’s more to blankets than just that. It keeps us warm while we’re lounging on the couch or in a car or plane during a long trip or on a camping trip too. Other than keeping us cold during those particularly cold nights, during winter, indoors or outdoors, the best blankets are soft and fluffy, and it makes you feel a sense of comfort the moment it covers you. Some people prefer thin, furless blankets, others prefer thick and fluffy ones. There are many fabrics of blankets to choose from too, from fleece to cashmere, to cotton to wool, the list goes on and on.

Below is a list of some blankets you should check out if you want to find that blanket that will keep you warm and cozy.

Queen Polar-Fleece Thermal Blanket by Utopia Bedding

The Queen Polar Fleece Thermal Blanket by Utopia Bedding comes in 3 colors, Grey, Chocolate and Tan and also comes in King and Twin sizes. It’s made with polar fleece which is why it’s one of the softest and lightest blanket you will ever find. Polar fleece is a fabric that is commonly used for outdoor clothing and blankets because of its ability to insulate heat.

This blanket doesn’t breathe, because it’s designed to keep the heat in, which is why it’s the ideal blanket to take to a camping trip because it is lightweight and will definitely keep you warm when it’s cold. It’s also perfect as a main blanket on the bed or even on the sofa during winter, because it’s light, it’s easier to take around with you. It’s reversible, so whatever side is out is the right side. The edges of this fleece blanket features double needle stitching which makes it more durable. It doesn’t shed and will last a long time, provided you follow its wash and care instructions.

This blanket is definitely worth the buy if you’re into outdoor activities and you camp a lot, or even if you’re a home buddy who just wants a great blanket to own, this blanket is comfortable, durable and most importantly affordable.

Pinzon Velvet Plush Blanket

The Pinzon Velvet Plush Blanket is a soft and durable blanket. It’s made of 100% polyester microplush which accounts for why it is so soft. It’s lightweight and is the perfect blanket to keep warm during the cold months. Its velvet finish gives it an elegant touch and shows the user’s taste for finer things.

Velvet has a way of making it seem like you have expensive taste, it can be because of the sheer of the velvet or the elegant look it has or the feel of the velvet finish on your skin. It just feels so fancy! However, because it has a velvet finish, take extra care when machine washing this blanket so that it doesn’t pill. Pilling is when the velvet finish comes off, so that it looks like there are bald spots on the velvet, which makes it really ugly, so make sure to wash it on its own or with other velvet finish fabrics and in cold water to avoid it from pilling. It comes in different colors such as Burgundy, Pink, Grey, Chocolate, Aubergine, Navy and Sand.

Microplush Blanket by Qbedding

The Microplush Twin blanket also comes in King and Queen sizes as well as a Throw size. It’s made of microfiber fleece and is not a lightweight blanket as it has a 380 GSM (Grams per Square Meter) value, the standard value for blankets is 250 GSM. It’s a high quality blanket because of its GSM value and it’s definitely at a bargain now.

Qbedding also boasts that they use materials that are static resistant, so if you have pets, this is good news as this means that these blankets are less likely to attract your pets’ fur to stick to it. Also, this blanket doesn’t shed, however, make sure to follow care instructions to help keep your blankets in good condition.

If you like the weight of heavier blankets, then you’d absolutely love this blanket. It’s heavy but not too heavy and thick and very warm and it’s very very soft as well. Although not ideal to use anywhere else except for in the bedroom because it is quite heavy, it will definitely bring you comfort from the cold and it comes in different colors such as Grey, Pink, Navy Blue, Chocolate and a lot more.

Flannel Fleece Blanket by Bedsure

The Flannel Fleece Blanket by Bedsure comes in King, Queen, Full and Twin sizes. It’s a lightweight and cozy blanket made of plush microfiber polyester. It can be used as a main blanket on the bed or as a throw blanket that you can take anywhere in the house.

This blanket embodies the meaning of “cuddle” as it is the perfect blanket to just that with. It’s soft, not furry and it’s warm enough to still enable you to cuddle with someone. It’s made of fleece, which accounts for how soft it is, fleece is one of the softest cloth materials there is in the market and it’s definitely a good material for blankets.

If you’re a couch potato or you just spend your free time a lot on the couch, whether reading or watching tv, or perhaps cuddling with someone, this blanket is perfect for you. It’s light and it does it’s job, which is to keep you warm. It’s not something that you can take outdoors though because it doesn’t insulate heat and is made of fleece. So, definitely keep this indoors, preferably on the couch. It comes in a lot of colors too, you can choose from Ivory, Red, Navy, Brown, Light Blue and a lot more.

Cashmere Plush Velvet Blanket by Northpoint

Made of polyester and cashmere, this blanket by Northpoint is definitely one soft blanket! If you’re looking for a really soft blanket, then cashmere is a material you should be looking for. It doesn’t have to be real cashmere as even polyester cashmere is as soft as the real thing.

This one is made of polyester cashmere but it’s definitely one of the softest ones on this list. It comes in a Full or Queen size and an assortment of colors that include Teal, Red, Pink, Charcoal and a lot more. As mentioned earlier, it’s made of cashmere which accounts for its unbelievable softness and impeccable sheen. Wash with care though for cashmere is as delicate as it sounds.

Definitely for indoor use only, it can keep you warm outdoors, but it’s cashmere so unless you want to ruin it, keep it inside. Cashmere blankets are great to find and this one is one of the inexpensive ones, a definite must-buy for people who love soft, fluffy blankets that don’t shed. Cashmere is expensive because it comes from a rare goat and it takes one goat 4 years to be able to grow fur enough for one sweater. If you like cashmere, this blanket is a steal.

Fleece Travel/Bed Blanket by Balichun

The Fleece travel and bed blanket by Balichun has a 330 GSM (grams per square meter) value, not as lightweight as the others on the list, but light enough to bring on a plane or in a car when you’re traveling as its Travel size measures 50 inches by 61 inches only.

If you’re one of the many people who keeps blankets in their cars, then check this blanket out. Although it also comes in a King, Queen and Twin size and different colors like Green, Grey, Brown and a lot more color options, the travel size of this blanket is just perfect for the couch or in the car. It breathes, which means it can keep you warm but it doesn’t insulate heat, which makes it perfect for indoor use, not quite the ideal blanket to bring on a camping trip though.

A fleece blanket that isn’t too heavy or fluffy is just the kind of blanket that’s perfect for travels as it’s light enough to fit in a hand carry bag. This fleece travel blanket can be a bit expensive for its price, but if you want a blanket that you can take on long car trips or just something to keep in the car for just-in-case moments, then it’s definitely worth getting. It’s not everyday you come across a fleece blanket that’s light enough and thin enough to be ideal for travel.

Sherpa Throw Blanket by Bedsure

This Sherpa Throw Blanket by Bedsure is the perfect blanket to use while lounging on the couch watching tv or while reading a book, it’s lightweight enough to take with you to help keep you warm at home. It comes in an assortment of colors namely Navy, Red, Grey, Brown and a lot more. It’s a great personal blanket for indoor use.

This blanket is perfect for when you’re looking for an inexpensive personal blanket that you can take around the house with you. Sherpa is a thick, soft fabric that is made to mimic sheepskin, so in many ways, it’s like wool, which means like wool, it will keep you warm during the cold season. It’s definitely a cold season blanket so not the kind you buy for use all year round, except if you live in a particularly cold place.

Is there anything better than a Sherpa personal blanket? It’s cozy, it’s fluffy and it’s definitely going to keep you warm. This Bedsure blanket is also reversible, one side sports a flannel design while the other side has the warm, fluffy Sherpa side. It’s so fluffy, it’s like having a cloud lock you in an embrace!

Twin Fleece Blanket by J&M Home Fashions

Perhaps the most inexpensive blanket on this list, this Twin/Twin X-Large Fleece Blanket by J&M Home Fashions is made of polyester fleece that makes it soft and it is said that its material is also highly resistant to pilling, even if it undergoes multiple washing. Available in the colors Dark Blue, Dark Green, Tan and Claret. It also comes in King and Queen sizes.

This blanket is made of fleece, so it is soft, but it is also very thin. Unlike other fleece blankets, this one isn’t as thick as the others and is not recommended as a winter blanket. Earlier, it was mentioned that price does not always equal quality, so this blanket’s price should not make you think that it’s a cheap blanket because it’s inexpensive.

It’s inexpensive, yes, so don’t set your expectations too high, however, it’s definitely worth the buy if it’s your first time to purchase a fleece blanket and you kind of want to get a feel of it before investing in a more expensive one, this one is the one you should definitely invest on. 


The blankets on this list are definitely the best ones that you can find online and are priced quite inexpensively, so grab them if you can! Before purchasing a blanket though, it’s best to make a list of what you’re looking for, whether you’re looking for a blanket you can use for a really long time or just a blanket you can use for an upcoming camping trip or vacation.

Make a list of what you’re looking for so that you can get your money’s worth and keep in mind that price does not always equal quality. Some blankets that are really nice are priced really low, maybe because of a discount or sale the company has going on, and sometimes bad blankets can be priced high just to lure people into thinking that because it’s expensive, it must be good.

Take into account what other people say about the blankets too and check if you’re allergic to fibers or fur before purchasing a blanket. It also helps if you set a budget for yourself, this will make it easier for you to narrow down your search.

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