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After every workout, the last thing you want is for your gym equipment to smell in public. In the case of yoga, you might need to bring your own yoga mat. After more than an hour of yoga activity, the sweat has already dried on the mat itself and it’s starting to smell already. In this case, what you’ll need is a dedicated yoga bag. A perk of yoga bag is that it can contain the smell of used yoga mat and it can also provide additional storage for your essential needs like clothing or a bottle of water.

Gaiam Full-Zip Cargo Pocket Yoga Mat Bag

For the best yoga bag, it’s about convenience and comfort above everything else. The Gaiam Full-Zip Cargo Pocket Yoga Mat Bag will surely be loved by every yoga trainee or instructor thanks to its beautiful design. And speaking of design, the Gaiam Full-Zip Cargo Pocket Yoga Mat Bag comes in different colors – citron storm, deep plum surf, flower burst, granite storm, pink sundial, slate camo, sparkling grape, and turquoise sea. Made from cotton, it’s a soft yet durable constructed yoga bag that accommodates some weight. It has a diameter of 25″ L x 6″ complete with front cargo pocket, full zip closure, and adjustable shoulder strap.

Meru Yoga Mat Bag

If you’re all about size and extra storage, the next product is what you’re looking for. The Meru Yoga Mat Bag is relatively large for its size which can fit almost any size of a yoga mat with some nifty features in tow. The Meru Yoga Mat Bag is available in few colors of purple, black, green, pink, white, and gray. Made entirely out of cotton canvas, the Meru Yoga Mat Bag provides generous features for the user. Aside from the 28” x 7” main storage, it comes with 3 storage pockets, easy zipper, and dual airflow system.

Fit Spirit Tree of Life Exercise Yoga Mat Bag

If the healthy environment is your cause then you’ll love the next product. The Fit Spirit Tree of Life Exercise Yoga Mat Bag makes sure it’s constructed without harmful materials. The Fit Spirit Tree of Life Exercise Yoga Mat Bag is made from pure canvas material which allows for easy maintenance featuring three colors – green, blue, and pink. For the Fit Spirit Tree of Life Exercise Yoga Mat Bag, it has a measurement of 25.5″ Long x 6″ Diameter featuring 1 9″ x 5.25″ main pocket and 5.5″ x 4.25″ secondary pocket. It comes with full zipper design and adjustable shoulder strap.

What to Look For

One might think that a regular bag will be enough to fit any size of a yoga mat. Although some might be able to do that, for sure, it’ll require a few gymnastics just to fit it inside. Making the case of yoga bag is more apparent if you’re planning to get one. Speaking of, you just need to know a few things.

The durability relies on the material used. Most common yoga bags are based on cotton due to easy maintenance and soft surface. While others make use of nylon should they wish durability at best. The size is of utmost importance also. If the yoga mat won’t fit, then there’s no use for that yoga bag. Additional pockets, on the other hand, will come as an optional feature to have.


A yoga bag is made entirely to accommodate yoga mats every after yoga session for easy storage and carriage. Should you wish to eliminate the smell of the sweat from yoga mat, the best yoga bag is the Gaiam Full-Zip Cargo Pocket Yoga Mat Bag.

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