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We all hate it when things get tangled up and we don’t know how to untangle them, or even have the patience for the process. For yarns, we want convenience and a hassle-free winding that will not only help speed up our process but give you uniform tension and prevent your yarn from getting rolling and center-pull cakes. These yarn winders help you avoid getting all those unnecessary tangles with a very simple design that help you easily wind up yarn. They’re also made with sturdy materials that will last long. The list below shows the top 3 yarn winders that are top-rated and most-reviewed.

Darice Yarn Winder

One of the most affordable yarn winders in the market is offered by Darice. It’s also one of the top-rated and most-reviewed products that will not only assure you of its quality but also make you wanna share your own experience with it. This yarn winder can wind up yarn pretty fast because it’s designed to be easy-to-use. It’s perfect for the kind of yarn skein that pulls up from the center. Each package of this yarn winder includes a removable table clamp that will help you have a stable winding without the discomfort and inconvenience. Affordable and useful, right?

Stanwood Needlecraft Yarn Winder

Although this product is quite expensive compared to others, Stanwood Needlecraft makes sure that their yarn winder is one of the best and, definitely, one of the most high-quality products in the market. They offer a jumbo size metal yarn winder that’s designed to withstand heavy use. This yarn winder uses special nylon for its cogwheels. These cogwheels are super strong and do not make much noise compared to metal cogwheels. This winder can hold up to 10 ounces of yarn. It can be clamped to a table that’s 2 and 1/8 inches thick. Easy to use and sturdy, too.

Stanwood Needlecraft Hand-Operated Yarn Winder

Another great yarn winder from Stanwood Needlecraft is this smaller one that can handle up to 4 ounces of yarn. It’s much more affordable and compact compared to the previous one. It makes center-pull balls. This yarn winder is smooth, quiet, and sturdy, even for its small build and cheap price. This also has a metal crank that won’t break easily, unlike their discontinued product, Royal Ball Winder. It can easily be clamped onto tables with a maximum thickness of 1.75 inches. It’s also a very compact device that you can easily store when you’re not using it. Great, right?

What to look for

There are a lot of different kinds of yarn winders in the market but not all of them are compatible with what you need. Also, not every yarn winder is going to last you long enough. The list below shows the things you need to look out for before buying a yarn winder:

  • Electric or Manual – it’s better if you’re going to get a manual yarn winder. This is because you need to be able to control the winding and see if there are problems with the yarn. Nothing beats manual winding because you still get to do it at your own pace and your own style. Not only that, most electric yarn winders give up before you know it.
  • Cogwheels – look for cogwheels that are quiet and made with a high-quality material that will help make these quiet and smooth for you. Noisy cogwheels are not only annoying to you but annoying to others. Before you know it, someone’s going to throw out your yarn winder.
  • Table clamp – better look for a yarn winder with a sturdy table clamp. This will help you have a smooth-running winding without having to fix the clamp’s location every now and then.


If you’re not a fan of loose yarns that are being sold in the market, you definitely need one of these yarn winders. These yarn winders help you have peace of mind after yarns. This will also give you a yarn with uniform tension to help you have a smooth-running activity without any problems. You will also easily make cakes out of yarn. These yarn cakes from winding will help avoid knots jumping out or scrambling inside.

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