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One of the paper products that probably wouldn’t get extinct due to the existence of technology is wrapping paper. Gift giving has always been and will always be present during birthdays, weddings, baptisms, special occasions such as anniversaries, and of course, Christmas. That’s why it’s important to always have a stock of the best wrapping paper available at home because you wouldn’t know what even could come up that you’d need to give gifts. Here’s a list of the top three available ones you could buy and store in your home for such situations.

JAM Paper Solid Color Wrapping Paper

JAM Paper® Solid Color Wrapping Paper - 25 Sq Ft - Matte Cobalt Blue - Matte Wrapping Paper Roll - Sold Individually

JAM Paper Solid Color Wrapping Paper is one of the most basic go-to wrapping papers you could find and store at home. When you have this, you’re ready any time of the year should an event wherein gift giving is a must would come up. The beauty of it is that it’s available in different designs and colours such as baby pink, black matte, red with white dots, and yellow, to name a few. You would already get a lot from a purchase because you’d be receiving a roll of wrapping paper with a measurement of 25 square feet.

Jam Paper Glossy Color Wrapping Paper

JAM Paper® Glossy Color Wrapping Paper - Large Roll - 40 sq. ft - Red - Sold Individually

If you’re not fond of a matte finish, then the Jam Paper Glossy Color Wrapping Paper is definitely for you. It’s also one of the most value for money options on the list because you would already get 40 square feet amount of wrapping paper when you purchase a single roll. It’s also available in a wide array of colours and designs with a glossy finish such as baby blue, blue and white stripes, white Christmas wishes, orange with white dots, and so much more. It’s truly something you could get for all types of occasions and events.

Premium Gift Wrap World Map Gift Wrapping Roll

World Map Gift Wrapping Roll 24" X 15' - Birthday Everyday Gift Wrap Paper

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more unique compared to the rest of the available wrapping papers in the market, then you can opt for the Premium Gift Wrap World Map Gift Wrapping Roll. It’s a brown wrapping paper with a soft gloss finish and features the old world map. It measures 24 inches by 15 feet per roll, so you get a lot for your money. You’re guaranteed of its quality and measurements because each roll has been hand measured, rolled, and cut before it arrives at your doorstep. Talk about quality assurance!


Stocking up on wrapping paper at home isn’t a completely bad idea because you can use it for any time of the year and for a whole lot of different occasions and events in our lives. It’s actually better to be prepared because there are instances wherein there would be unexpected events coming up such as despedidas, baby showers, promotion parties, graduations, and so much more.  The beauty of stocking up on wrapping paper is that they don’t easily get wasted, most especially if you store it properly. You just have to store it at a place where it wouldn’t get squished, flattened, creased, folded, or wet, so that you would be able to maximize it and get your money’s worth.

When the wrapping paper is of good quality, your gift would look more premium. It would also be easier to handle so that you refrain from wasting too much on a single gift. The best part is that you already get a lot of material for what you pay for. Meaning, you would be able to save a lot of money in the long run because you could easily do it yourself and wrap your gifts at home. It would save you a lot of money from making trips to the supermarket or gift wrapping store in order to have it wrapped. It’s a pretty good investment if you ask me. Try to count how many times you get your gifts specially wrapped, and calculate how much you spend on it. I’m going to bet that it would be at least 5 times the amount you’d be spending if you’d rather spend it on good quality wrapping paper and do it yourself at home. So go ahead and buy some now!

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