Best Wool Blanket

During the coldest days and nights, the last thing you want to happen is to shiver due to the lack of warmth provided by your regular blanket, and despite the effort to drink hot coffee, tea, or chocolate, as well as have some very hot instant soup, the chilling feeling won’t subside. In this case, you don’t have to drink or eat something, what you need to do is to cover yourself with a comfy and thick wool blanket. Regardless if there’s a strong wind blowing or a snow falling, the best wool blanket can provide you warmth in any condition.

Ever Ready First Aid & Medical Wool Blanket

For the best wool blanket, it’s about providing warmth to whenever you need it as well as protection in case you fell asleep in front of a fireplace. With the Ever Ready First Aid & Medical Wool Blanket, you can sleep comfortably without worries. Coming in green warm wool type, the Ever Ready First Aid & Medical Wool Blanket has a size of 33 x 90 inches. The presence of wool is 80 percent while making it fire retardant overall. It’s a military wool blanket in case you’re wondering due to its olive green color. It might not be pretty but it can make you warm.

Rothco Wool Blanket

If you want a bit of flexibility for your wool blanket, you might want to get the next product then. With the Rothco Wool Blanket, you’re given a selection to choose from. The Rothco Wool Blanket comes in three colors – olive drab, gray, and blue – with two available sizes for each. The Rothco Wool Blanket is made fire retardant thanks to its fiber protection. Whether you’re inside your house during the coldest days or outside camping, the Rothco Wool Blanket can provide warmth and comfort unlike any other regular blanket – all thanks to the virgin wool covering 70 percent of the product.

EKTOS Wool Blanket

If your wool blanket requirement is all about providing warmth above everything else, you might want to check out the next product. With wool being the main source of warmth, the EKTOS Wool Blanket maximizes that opportunity by putting 90 percent wool on the blanket itself. The result – a very comforting and soothing wool blanket for the coldest weather. Clad in gray color, the EKTOS Wool Blanket is heavy at 4.4 lbs while being perfect for up to two people to share with. After that, it can be safely clean by hand or machine. All that being resistant to static, fire, and mildew.


Whether you’re looking for quick warmth offering during the coldest nights or seeking comfort when camping outside with the group, a wool blanket can greatly improve your sleeping condition thanks to its great features. If you’re looking for a wool blanket, check the percentage of wool as it dictates how warm it can make you. With that said, the best wool blanket is none other than the Ever Ready First Aid & Medical Wool Blanket.

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