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Parties are special and are fun especially when people made some effort in dressing up. Costumes are always being paired with paints in the face to have a more convincing appearance.

These paints used are not your ordinary paints used in wood or metal but they are intended only to be used on the face or on the skin as a whole.

If you are looking for some white face paint, check out these items that are out in the market today:

Snazaroo Classic Face Paint

The first product is the Classic Face Paint of Snazaroo. This 18 mL product is appropriate for people who have sensitive skin. This is formulated and reviewed by an autonomous expert of dermatology and certified toxicologists to suit delicate skins.

This paint is very easy to apply on and also easy to remove for it is water-based. You can simply remove this paint by the use of soap and clean water. Harsh paint removers and intense scrubbing are not recommended in removing this paint from your skin.

Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Face and Body PaintMehron Makeup Paradise AQ Face & Body Paint, WHITE: Basic Series – 40gm

This next product is the Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Face and Body Paint. This product is estimated to be 2.4 ounces, 40 grams and has dimensions of 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 0.8″. Renowned to have premium quality, this paint is formulated to be in medium softness. It is water based and can produce stunning bold colors on the skin.

This item is specifically created in the USA, plus it is available in kaleidoscopic colors and very easy to apply because it only needs a small volume of water to be activated.

Go Green Face Paint All Natural Kit

Face Paint – Certified Organic, Hypoallergenic, All Natural Kit - Cosmetics Grade - locking Stackable Jars for Easy Storage and Carry, Best for Parties, Makes Halloween Costumes Even Better!

The last product is the All Natural Kit from the Go Green Face Paint. This paint is certified to be organic, hypoallergenic, and is safe to use by children for it is created using the safest ingredients.

The package not only comes in white, but it also comes with different type of colors. Specifically made for parties, this kit is lead-free. It is qualified to be used around the mouth, nose, and eyes and it is manufactured with vegan formula.

Guaranteed to be safe and organic, this product is indeed a must try.

What to look for?

In choosing face paints, you must first consider what types of ingredients are suitable for your skin. Always check who the manufacturer is and if it is dermatologically tested. Organic paints are mostly recommended for it is guaranteed safe and therefore can only cause a minimum harm to its users if ever an accident happened.

Make sure that the paint or the ingredients that make up the paint must not cause any allergy or skin reactions to you.

Finally, you can consult first a dermatologist before using any cosmetics just to be sure.


Attending in parties wearing a full costume and makeup is really a trend nowadays. The more unique your outfit and face paint is; the more people will acknowledge your appearance.

But we must not forget that the true essence of joining these occasions is not just about the makeup and clothes, it is about gathering and socializing with other people. Parties are made for people to socialize, let’s always remember that no matter what we wear, our attitude is still our best costume.

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