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For a car enthusiast, a car is not just a car but rather an important part of his or her life that needs to be taken care of like a dog. That said, we mean with tender, love, and care. In other words, it’s like a man’s bestfriend but with no life. Getting the best paint job for a car is the cheapest yet effective way of giving bling and new life to it. However, some forgot about the wheels. While all the attention is on the body, wheels can also add certain bling if properly painted with wheel paint.

Dupli-Color HWP101 Wheel Paint

The best wheel paint comes in different colors apparently, giving consumers something to choose and think about when it comes to bringing the looks. For the best wheel paint which is the Dupli-Color HWP101 Wheel Paint, you’re about to get clear, silver, black, bronze, and white colors, of course, depending on your preference. The size also comes in two, either 11 ounces or 12 ounces. The Dupli-Color HWP101 Wheel Paint makes use of rugged acrylic enamel formula which gives out reflective metallic finish and resistance improvements when it comes to chipping, chemicals, heat, brake dust, as well as cleaning solvents.

VHT SP183 Satin Black Wheel Paint Can

For the second best wheel paint which is the VHT SP183 Satin Black Wheel Paint Can, you might be constricted with the color black option but its high-performance paint can easily get the attention of the many once you ride with it. With the VHT SP183 Satin Black Wheel Paint Can, you’re getting an aluminum high heat protected paint which comes from polyurethane chemical designed for steel and aluminum wheels. If properly used, the VHT SP183 Satin Black Wheel Paint Can is able to protect itself against up to 900-degree of heat temperature. If you’re wondering your car might not be able to hit that, it’s because it’s for professional racing cars.

Dupli-Color EBGM04337 Metallic Automotive Paint

Should you wish for a metallic-looking wheel finish, the Dupli-Color EBGM04337 Metallic Automotive Paint is the best one out there when it comes to providing one. The Dupli-Color EBGM04337 Metallic Automotive Paint can come in a few color variants which consist of black, gold, dark blue, bright red, silver, dark cherry, dark garnet red, and gunmetal – all in a metallic finish. What the Dupli-Color EBGM04337 Metallic Automotive Paint offers is premium fast-drying acrylic lacquer aerosol paint which is designed to match the original color of the wheels. To top it off, it has an adjustable 360-degree nozzle that sprays and smooths out the entire area of a wheel.

What to Look For

Choosing the right wheel paint seems to be an easy task for most of us since what we’re only looking for is the great, attractive finish for our wheels. However, that’s not the only case when choosing the right wheel paint. For car enthusiasts, it’ll need more than the attractive-ability of a wheel paint to end up buying and paying for it. As opposed to normal car owners which look for the cheapest or best-looking paint which in most part, ends up being a waste of time as well as money.

It’s very easy to identify who knows something about wheel paints when you’re literally in front of the wheel paint section. Newbies would just spend not more than 10 mins in choosing a wheel paint while tenured car owners would need at least 30 mins scrambling to see which of which comes with the best features. And by features – we mean stuff like chemical resistance and such. Speaking of, one of the overlooked features is its resistance to external factors like heat and dust.

Since wheels are basically exposed 24/7, you’re about to expect wear and tear at the soonest time. Therefore, you’ll need a wheel paint that can protect itself against it to not let you repaint your wheels every after two weeks. If taken care properly, a repainted wheel can last up to 6 months or so without the paint itself peeling or chipping.

One of the most important aspect when looking for a wheel paint is the finish. You can either go with metallic which dons a shiny finish or aluminum or matte for a rather sophisticated yet still attractive look. All of these, of course, depends on your preference. Though, metallic finishes are commonly used even for professional users. Should you wish to be unique then get the other two rather.

Last but definitely not the least, the effect when combined with other wheel solutions. Similar to body paint, wheel paints also need to come with a coating to maintain and maximize the effect of wheel paints. With that said, you need to check and make sure if the wheel paint bought works well with other coating solutions or for only a specific coating solution which always comes from the same branding.


The best wheel paint is the Dupli-Color HWP101 Wheel Paint which packs the most desired feature from its category featuring resistance to external factors while providing the best-looking wheels out there.

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