Best Weightlifting Gloves

With all the heavy-duty lifting, we need a pair of gloves that won’t add to the stress and will help make the lifting process easy and comfortable. Weightlifting gloves are constantly being improved so that the user will avoid getting painful calluses or blisters while still having a strong and firm grip on the bars. Another important aspect is that these gloves help avoid the accumulation of sweat on the hands during the activity. The list below shows the top 3 weightlifting gloves that customers have rated to be the best in the market.

Harbinger Weightlifting Gloves

Harbinger offers a pair of weight lifting gloves that will make the task easier. It has features that will make you want to buy it immediately. It’s designed with a leather palm that’s double-purpose. It will protect your hand while maintaining a strong feel on the bar. It’s also made with a StretchBack performance mesh on the back part of the hand and between fingers that will increase your hand’s flexibility. This pair of half-finger gloves has open cell foam cushions on the palm and fingers. You can even adjust this with its fully adjustable wrist closure. Affordable and wonderful.

Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Gloves

If you’re looking for a pair of weight lifting gloves that will promote wrist support, Nordic Lifting offers one. This pair of weightlifting gloves is designed with a wrist support that will help you avoid straining your wrist too much. This unisex pair of gloves will provide a great grip for both genders. It’s also designed with just the right amount of padding that will help you avoid having calluses and blisters. It’s not just great for weight lifting but also for cross training, work outs, powerlifting, and other fitness activities. It’s not just useful but also very affordable and heavy-duty.

RIMSports Weightlifting Gloves

These weightlifting gloves from RIMSports isn’t just great for weightlifting but can also be great gym gloves. It’s made from a lightweight material that will have you have a comfortable feeling all throughout. This fingerless pair of gloves is made from 100% leather and spandex that’s breathable enough to prevent any accumulation of sweat and will allow your hands to move freely. It has superior cushioning on the palm area to allow a firm grip. Velcro straps will also keep the gloves in place. This pair is heavy-duty, can be hand washed, and comes in different colors. Affordable with quality.

What to look for

Looking for the right pair of gloves might not be that easy because you might have sensitive skin or the gloves just don’t feel right when using them. There are several things you need to look for when choosing a pair of gloves that will suit you the best:

  • Material – what are the gloves made of? This material has to be lightweight so that it won’t add to the weight your hands will handle during the activity. The material must also be breathable enough to prevent the accumulation of perspiration and to let your hands feel comfortable all throughout. Leather and mesh fabric are two of the materials that are highly recommended and commonly used.
  • Design – is it fingerless or half-fingered? Can you also adjust that gloves so that you may find the perfect fit? It’s also very important that you have a preference to avoid having a hard time choosing. It’s recommended to have a fingerless pair of gloves for ventilation. It’s also very important that you’re able to adjust the straps of the gloves to find the best fit for you.
  • Cushion – are the gloves cushioned? Although not all gloves are made with cushions, these things help you have a comfortable and firm grip the bars when lifting. These also help with the pressure you feel from lifting. It may be suitable for you to choose a pair with cushioned palms.


Finding the right weight lifting gloves may take a while because you have to get the best one and the right pair to suit your needs. Weightlifting is not an easy activity, so you may need to find a pair that’s heavy-duty and long-lasting. Nonetheless, these gloves are very useful and affordable.

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