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People who tend to snore when they sleep have some kind of problem with their air passage that’s why doctors often recommend that they elevate their heads when they sleep in order to free their air passage and to breathe easily. You can do that by using a wedge pillow. Using a wedge pillow is also recommended for those who are prone to heart burns. Those who have respiratory problems can benefit a lot from the best wedge pillow too. This type of pillow can be used alone but you can also use this with your favorite pillow.

InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow

InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow (25" x 24" x 12") with High Quality, Removable Cover

The most popular wedge pillow that we found in the market is this product. You can have a comfortable sleep using this wedge pillow which has a memory foam that’s 1 inches on its top layer for an added comfort. The soft feel of the memory foam is supported by the firm base foam inside which gives the leverage that you need when you sleep. In order for you to have a healthy sleep, you can change your supine position by using this type of pillow. Built-in channels are added in this wedge pillow for breathability.

Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge Pillow, Made in California 10-inch

This is another highly recommended wedge pillow that we found in the market and it’s worth its price. It can help alleviate the discomfort you feel when you sleep. You can also use this to assist your back when you want to sit on your bed and read a book. It can provide the right level of leverage for your back so you can ease into your book. This one is made of a knife fabric that’s comfortable on your skin. It’s also hypoallergenic and can resist dust mite accumulation. With this, you can relax in your bed.

Restorology Elevating Leg Rest Pillow

The last product on our list is another highly recommended wedge pillow. If you want to reduce the back pain you feel when you rest on your bed then you need some form of elevation in the form of a wedge pillow. This can also help your blood circulation since the elevation this pillow gives allows blood to flow from the upper level of your body to the lower level of your body by means of gravity. It also helps with snoring as well as for other respiratory problems. This pillow is easy to clean and comfortable to use.


In order to ease the back pain that you feel due to some body ailment that you have, you need to use the best wedge pillow. This is also helpful in improving your respiratory as well as gastric problems. You need to choose a product that’s efficient in what it does. It should be designed to give you the right elevation that your body needs. It should also be made of high-quality materials that are durable and can be easily cleaned when you need to. Make sure that it’s a versatile one that you can use for your back as well as your legs.

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