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Did you know that the single human body consists of water more than any other else that can be found inside? For a human adult body, the body holds up to 60 percent of water – by that, we mean the weight of a human body is from the water – making it one of the essential needs of a human body. That’s why in a single day, a man should be able to drink 8-9 glasses of water. However, what if the water in your place is not clean? In this case, you’ll need a water purifier for safe drinking.

Kaz PUR 2-Stage Water Pitcher Replacement Filter

For the best water purifier, it’s about being portable – allowing for water purification wherever you go. The Kaz PUR 2-Stage Water Pitcher Replacement Filter is a water pitcher that comes with a water filter for water purification. It comes in two styles – the basic and the lead-reducing feature. Regardless of that, here’s what you’re getting. The Kaz PUR 2-Stage Water Pitcher Replacement Filter is certified to eliminate 96 percent of Mercury and 95 percent of Industrial Pollutants. Furthermore, it reduces the odor and taste of chlorine among others. It can also filter up to 40 gallons of water that last up to 2 months.

PUR RF-9999 MineralClear Faucet Replacement Water Filter Refill

If you want a water purifier for the whole family at home, you might want to consider the next product. With the PUR RF-9999 MineralClear Faucet Replacement Water Filter Refill, you’re bound to get the cleanest water at home without worrying about replacing the filter with its 3 pack package. However, you can also get it for either one pack or up to 12 pack. More on to the feature, it can hold up to 100 gallons of water while removing microbial cysts and lead of up to 99 percent. It further filters water for that refreshing taste.

Brita Replacement Water Filter

If you want your water purification to happen in your pitchers, you’ll surely like the next product. With the Brita Replacement Water Filter, you’re getting purified water from the pitcher itself, right in front of the table. What the Brita Replacement Water Filter can do is to transform an ordinary tap water into refreshing and clean water for the human consumption.  The Brita Replacement Water Filter features a pull-top cap for quick insertion and removal, built-in mesh screen to prevent black flecks, ion-exchange resin to capture minerals, and activated carbon to reduce if not eliminate the taste and odor of chlorine.

What to Look For

A water purifier can be either be stationary or portable depending on which you prefer to use. Moreover, a water purifier comes in different forms. It can be installed in a pitcher or a gallon, or a direct water purifier that straightly comes out from the faucet. No wonder using a water purifier is much easier and much accessible to all households. However, when you’re looking for a water purifier, you need to pay attention to the specifics.

Apart from the size of the water purifier, think of the ability of the water purifier to eliminate minerals such as lead, copper, zinc, and cadmium. Also, the chlorine shouldn’t be apparent by simply reducing the taste and odor of it. When it comes to fleck prevention, you might want your water purifier to comes with mesh screens to filter – acting as the first level water filtration.


If you want your tap water to change into something more enjoyable to drink, a water purifier can do that for you – all without spending too much and avoiding hurting your pocket. In this case, the best water purifier is the Kaz PUR 2-Stage Water Pitcher Replacement Filter.

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