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Searching for the right wall safe is sometimes deemed as a difficult endeavor. After all, you want to keep your valuables in check, and away from the prying eyes and hands of miscreants. If you look at the market, there are a lot of safes that are available for you to purchase. However, the market is also riddled with low-quality safes that people with malicious intent will have no problem opening it. Technology is evolving for items that protect your valuable things, but the same can be said for the thieving industry. To let your items be safe at all times, you need to have the best wall safe.

AmazonBasics Security Safe

The AmazonBasics Security Safe is available on the market in three different sizes, them being 0.5 cubic feet, 1 cubic foot, and 1.2 cubic feet. All of the variants present themselves with highly-durable steel construction with a carpeted floor so your fragile valuables can stay safe and comfortable while inside the confines of this container. The package includes four bolts to mount it on a wall, shelf, or even the floor.

Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe

If you’re looking around the market for a durable wall safe, then your search might come at an end when you see the Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe. This wall safe can fit between studs, and its door will open to the right. It also comes with an electronic lock that’s very difficult to crack.

Paragon 7725 Flat Electronic Hidden Wall Safe

The Paragon 7725 Flat Electronic Hidden Wall Safe, just like the brand’s 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe, has a highly-durable construction to prevent any form of breaking while keeping valuables safe. This particular model, however, has a slightly more durable construction than the 7750.

What to Look For?

As mentioned in a previous section of this post, there are different wall safes on the market and it can be a challenging undertaking to get the right one. Before you plan on purchasing any safe on the market, do consider some aspects before pulling out your wallet from your pocket.

Start by measuring the size of the wall where you’re going to place the safe. In doing so, you’ll have a pretty good idea on what size of safe you’ll want get. There is a rule of thumb regarding wall safe buying, and that’s the bigger the better. Most reviews and experience from different customers across the industry said that their safe wasn’t large enough as initially thought. Furthermore, when you have a safe with spacious interiors, then you can stuff more items in it.

After determining the size of the wall safe, the next thing you have to do is to get a container that won’t easily be broken by any means necessary. It shouldn’t be susceptible to crowbars, gunfire, and even explosions. In this regard, search for a wall safe with a high-quality construction to ease your woes. If you have a high-quality wall safe, then you can sleep easy at night knowing that whatever item you put inside it will stay there.

Lastly, don’t just look at the wall safe as a whole, but also consider the door construction as well. It’s ideal to search for a safe with at least 1/4-inch of solid plate steel or the equivalent of that material for the door. The better the material, the fewer chance thieves can break into the container.


Once you’ve considered all the aspects regarding the purchase of your next wall safe, don’t forget to check its safety rating. Simply put, the higher the safety rating, the more secure the container will be in protecting your valuable items. Now you can sleep easy at night knowing that your hard-earned cash, diamond bracelet, or perhaps your grandparents’ picture will stay safe within the container.

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