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You might be familiar with a voltage tester as a test light or as a mains tester. It’s actually a simple equipment used to measure the electric voltage in an equipment that you’re currently working on. It also helps you determine whether there’s a presence of voltage on the equipment’s conductor that you’re testing. This is usually placed on two points of the circuit that you’re working on. When the light of the bulb glows, there’s enough electricity flowing. If you’re looking for an efficient voltage tester, here are some of the best ones in the market to date.

Klein Tools NCVT-2 Dual Range Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Klein Tools NCVT-2 Dual Range Non-Contact Voltage Tester

The first product on our list is a best-selling voltage tester that can give you reliable and durable performance for such an amazing price. It comes with a compact design that lets you carry it with you with such a convenience. At first glance, it only looks like a stunted pen, but it’s not. The bulb is at the base near the sensor so you only have to place it on the equipment you’re checking an when it lights up there is enough electric current present. This automatically turns off to save power. You can use this for broad application.

Fluke 1AC-A1-II VoltAlert Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Another best-selling voltage tester that we found in the market is this one. It also has the standard shape of a voltage tester that looks like a small pen. The tip will glow and beeping sounds will be heard when there’s enough electric current on the item you’re checking. This one has a wide range of voltage sensor that you can rely on. It even comes with a 20 volt up to 90-volt circuit model that you can choose from. This one has an IP rating of 40 which is amazing. You can manually check voltage presence with this.

Sperry Instruments VD6505 Adjustable Non-Contact Voltage Sensor

The last product on our list is another reasonably priced voltage tester that can do an amazing job in detecting the presence of electric currents. When you need to change outlets of change light switches, it’s better to check first whether there’s an electric current surging through the equipment first. This is where this reliable product comes into the picture. This is a high-quality tool with a high level of adjustability that you can rely on in order to detect the presence of electric currents. This one is pretty accurate and easy to work with.


You can deal with any electrical problems at home on your own as long as you know how to safely check whether there’s still an electric current surging through the outlet or equipment you’re working on. It’s better to use the best voltage tester to make sure that the equipment you’re handling does or doesn’t have an electric current. Make sure that you choose a reliable one that can accurately determine whether there’s the presence of electric current. Choose one that’s made of high-quality materials too.

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