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Volleyball – the ever popular team sport. It’s a sporting activity highly popular among men and women around the world. It’s played indoors or outdoors, but one thing that’s required in every game of volleyball is the net. Of course, the ball needs to be there but you can’t have a good volleyball match without a good net. With the best net, you’ll know where to stop so that you don’t reach your opponents’ area, and you have a good stopping force from your opponents’ spikes. If you don’t have that net, then you’d best be prepared to catch those incoming spikes with your body.

Park & Sun Sports Spiker Sport: Portable Outdoor Volleyball Net System

The Park & Sun Sports Spiker Sport: Portable Outdoor Volleyball Net System is a near-complete set of volleyball equipment, minus the ball. It comes with a 3-piece premium steel pole set that measures 1-1/2-inches in diameter. It also has an Eye Bolt System to allow it to be set on either men’s, women’s, or co-ed playing height levels.

Mikasa VBN-2 Competition Volleyball Net

The Mikasa VBN-2 Competition Volleyball Net is for anyone who wishes to try and enter the world of professional volleyball. It’s indoor and outdoor-friendly, and it measures 32 x 3-feet.

Franklin Sports Volleyball Set

The Franklin Sports Volleyball Set presents itself with an official-sized cloth, and the package even comes with a mini pump and needle for volleyballs.

What to Look For?

Even though volleyball nets share a similar design, different nets call for varying purposes. There are volleyball nets for indoor volleyball, pool volleyball, and outdoor volleyball.

Let’s start with volleyball nets meant for the home and yard; some homeowners will have reasonably large yards and lawns so that you can properly set up a volleyball playing area. A volleyball net for this purpose won’t be on the expensive side, and some will even have a shorter length than normal standards. It’s because it’s assumed that lawns and yards are typically smaller than an actual volleyball playing area. Make sure that you get a length for a volleyball net that fits the size of your lawn or yard. Otherwise, the net will droop which makes it completely useless.

Then there are also nets for pool volleyball. Like volleyball nets for lawn and yard use, this is too is an inexpensive model compared to many. It’s because most pool volleyball net manufacturers know that it’s mainly for casual use. Nonetheless, it does give you a flexible way to use your swimming pool space effectively as it also gives everybody within the area to start diving in and start playing. However, most pool volleyball nets won’t come as a set. Hence, you might still need to buy poles. Look for net poles that are portable so you don’t have to drill more holes on the sides of your pool.

Lastly, there are volleyball nets that adhere to the standards of official competitions. These variants are also for professional users. These models are usually the most expensive out of every variation of volleyball net out on the market and it’s because of their excellent durability. Nets for an official tournament and professional use are so sturdy that it can properly block a strong spike without ripping or damaging its fibers.


When searching for the best volleyball net, you might want to look for one that has a dark color and the right minimum length to make it as versatile as possible. With the right volleyball net for all of your games, every player would have peace of mind knowing they don’t have to catch a ball with their face.

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