Best Vampire Teeth

It’s that time of year once more when the ghouls and goblins come out to play. It’s when the streets are going to be riddled with zombies, Frankenstein monsters, witches, wizards, and, of course, vampires. Yes, we’re talking about Halloween, and for some, it’s going to be the best time of year. However, no Halloween getup is complete without a good set of vampire teeth. Now, you can have any ordinary set of vampire teeth that you can pick up from a store shelf, or you can get the best vampire teeth that the market can offer.

Small Vampire Teeth by Scarecrow

Scarecrow Small Deluxe Fangs

The Small Vampire Teeth by Scarecrow is highly durable as it can be stored in extreme temperatures. It’s even used by some Hollywood stars and some major shows as props.

Love Bites Deluxe Custom Fangs in Heart Box

Scarecrow Love Bites Deluxe Custom Fangs

The Love Bites Deluxe Custom Fangs in Heart Box is also made by manufacturer Scarecrow, and this pair is highly durable, easy-to-use, and ultra-realistic.

Plastic Vampire Fangs Dracula by RINCO

The Plastic Vampire Fangs Dracula by RINCO is a pair of 2 x 2.5-inch white flexible plastic that’ll attach to your teeth for a complete vampire getup during Halloween season.

What to Look For?

Vampire teeth may look nothing more than a cheap party trick, but no vampire costume will ever be complete without it. No matter what style of vampire you’re going as during a Halloween Trick or Treat run or a Halloween party, you’re getup won’t be complete if you’re not going to have a good set of vampire teeth attached to your real set of pearly whites.

So what should you be looking for to get the best vampire teeth on the market? First of all, you need to secure a set of vampire teeth that fits your mouth. If you’re an adult, then you’re not going to look for vampire teeth in the kid’s section of a department store. Likewise, if you’re a child, then you shouldn’t go to a shop that sells adult-sized vampire teeth. If you choose the wrong-sized teeth, then chances are it’s going to be too little or too large to fit inside your mouth.

Next, you need to make sure that the vampire teeth doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals during its production. It’s generally going to be made with the plastic material, but the development of the product is what you should be worried about. To make sure that you’re not going to get any health complications when wearing the fake teeth, you can check out its existing product reviews or just make sure that you practice due diligence in researching about the product.


No vampire costume is complete without the right set of teeth. If you’re just going to go to a Halloween party dressed as a vampire but with your original set of pearly whites, then your costume can be deemed incomplete. As such, always make sure to get the best vampire teeth on the market to always go as a complete vampire during Halloween parties.

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