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With the advancement of technology, you can now use a special kind of sterilizer that can effectively eradicate microorganisms effectively without using heat and that’s a UV sterilizer. What a UV sterilizer does is it emits short wavelength ultraviolet that targets the nucleic acids of bacteria and other microorganisms which disrupt their DNA thus leaving them inactive. This has been used for many purposes but using this for sterilization is another amazing advantage that’s used today. If you’re interested in purchasing one, you can check the products listed on this list. These are some of the best ones out there.

Joy Baby Portable UV Sterilizer

Joy Baby Portable UV Sterilizer, Cleaner and Sanitizer for Pacifiers and Baby Bottle Nipples (Arctic Blue)

The most popular UV sterilizer that we found on the market is this product. This has been proven to kill 99.9% of germs on any object. You can use this to sterilize your baby bottles and other baby paraphernalia. The good thing about using this type of sterilizer is you can actually sterilize almost anything, even the books of your baby and even the little squishy toy that your baby likes. There are no chemicals used here and you can sterilize your baby products instantly. This one has a portable design that makes it easy to carry.

Tinukim Portable UV Sterilizer

Tinukim Portable UV Sterilizer for Pacifier and Baby Bottle Nipples: Eliminates 99.9% of Bacteria and Germs (Pink)

Another great UV sterilizer that we found on the market is this one and it comes with such a great price. Even though this doesn’t have the highest rating out there, so far based on the reviews of people who were able to use this it’s one of the best out there. This is very effective in disinfecting your baby’s bottle and other baby paraphernalia without heating or damaging them. It actually sterilizers everything instantly and you can be sure that the bacteria and other microorganisms are killed thanks to the amazing UV technology in this product.

Bert & Bratt Sterilizer – UV Sanitizer

Sterilizer – UV Sanitizer for Baby Bottles & Pacifiers - Kills Up To 99.9% of Bacteria in less than 4 minutes! - Owl

The last product is another cute yet efficient UV sterilizer that you can use to disinfect small baby items instantly. Even though this one has a portable design you can use this to sterilize small items one by one. You don’t need to connect this to any electrical outlet when you’re on the go. This can fit inside your baby bag and your purse. This can effectively kill known bacteria and microorganisms that can harm your child. You don’t have to go back home to sterilize your baby’s pacifier when you can just sterilize it using this portable sterilizer.


You need to keep your baby bottles, sippy cups, and other baby products that come in contact with your baby and even used for feeding them to be sterilized effectively. You can now eliminate and kill bacteria and other microorganisms effectively with the use of the best UV sterilizer. Make sure that the product you choose is effective and can actually eradicate bacteria and other known microorganisms that can harm your baby. It should also be made of high-quality materials for durability. Having a portable one is also a great idea so you can keep your baby’s things sterilized even if you’re traveling.

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