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An upright piano is a type of piano that has a vertical frame with strings arranged in a vertical way. You can visualize this as the typical piano that is used by professionals and amateurs alike. With the advancement of technology there arose a type of digital upright piano which functions the same way, but with a twist. Some might argue about the last part, but they almost always sound the same, some even say they sound better. But that’s open for debate, and this list isn’t about that. An upright piano can’t be mistaken for a grand piano though. They have different arrangements of the strings. If you’re looking for the best upright piano to purchase then feel free to check the products that we’ve gathered on this list.

The ONE Smart Piano Home Digital Piano Grand Graded Action Upright Piano 

The first one on our list is not your typical upright piano. This is actually a digital upright piano which might be frowned-upon by classical musicians but for those who embrace the modern touch of music then you might like to try it out. This piano is upgraded to provide you with an elevated musical experience. Even beginners who play piano can benefit a lot from this type of piano. You can actually learn how to play the piano using this digital piano. It comes with some video lessons that you can download. It even has some sheet music that you can view on its large LCD screen. Welcome to the future.

With this, you can also download some games through the free apps from Android and iOS. It’s an interactive piano that’s qualified by the MFi to provide you with the best piano-playing experience ever. There are thousands of free sheet music that you can download and play using this special upright piano. The sleek design will be a great addition to your home and the sound-quality of this piano is amazing. You can add new contents every week as long as you keep yourself updated by their app.

FLYCHORD Digital Piano Featured with Three Triple Sensor Hammer-Action Graded Weighted Keys Upright Piano

Here’s another amazing and elegant upright piano that we found in the market. You might be interested in checking them out. Based on the reviews of people who were able to use this product, this is quite worth the price. It has an elegant design and the quality of the sound it emits is amazing. You can create amazing music with this piano. The good thing about this is it can provide you with the same sound quality of an acoustic piano. It has the same sound and feels when you play the highest to the lowest note. It replicates the sound of an acoustic piano perfectly.

The keys of this piano have a tactile surface that makes it comfortable to play on. You won’t experience any slipping of the fingers when you play on this. This piano even has a special feature, the Three-Triple Sensor configuration which accurate sense and interpret what you play and provide you with the sound of a real acoustic piano. If you’re skeptical of using a digital upright piano then you’ll be surprised how this product can change what you feel about modern pianos. You’ll have a grand time playing on this piano.

Suzuki Acoustic Pianos Acoustic Vertical Piano

This is another highly rated and highly recommended upright piano that we’d like to introduce to you. This is actually an acoustic upright piano so if you’re not too keen on using a digital one then you’ll surely love this one. This is a lot pricier compared to the other two products. This is actually the real thing, you guys, so it’s pretty understandable why this is expensive. A lot of professionals vie for playing on this and for a good reason. The acoustics of this piano is amazing. It’s a high-quality piano that’s crafted individually from the finest materials there is in order to create music with you.

This piano has dynamic tone chambers that can provide you with an extended range and power of music. There are amazing tonal expressions that you can produce with this acoustic piano. The overall construction of this piano is amazing so you can expect this to last for a very long time. When you play on it, it’s quite smooth and your hands can fluidly move all over the keys of your piano. This piano is quite worth the price and a lot of people thought so too.


In choosing the best upright piano, you have to think about what type you wanted to purchase. If you like to use the acoustic one, expect to find that it’s a lot pricier but worth it. There are digital ones that sound good too. As long as you have a good-quality upright piano that can produce amazing music then it’s good. Playing them should bring you joy and ease too.

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