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What are truffles? These gifts of nature are mushrooms highly prized for their unique flavor. These mushrooms are both expensive and rare. As such, chefs who make use of this ingredient relish its mysterious earthiness and often preserve them in the form of truffle oil to bring about additional flavor and aroma in dishes. Do note, however, that picking a white truffle oil can be quite tricky, and some bottles demand a high price. If you’re already searching for a good truffle oil to satiate your culinary needs, then here are some excellent examples to add to your kitchen.

TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil

TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil (3.38 Oz)

The TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil brings about the brand’s own recipe to deliver the finest flavors to your dishes. Make no mistake – this is a powerful white truffle oil that’s oozing with strong flavor. It has a long shelf life of up to 2-years, and it comes with natural white truffle shavings in each bottle. Ingredients in the formulation include olive oil, extra-virgin oil, white truffle flavor, and white truffles.

Roland Truffle Oil

Roland Truffle Oil, Black, 3.4 Ounce

Open the lid of the Roland Truffle Oil and you’ll be met with an abundance of fragrant fusions that brings an exciting array of feelings as you savor each bite of your meal with this product. It mainly uses a mixture of extra-virgin oil and black truffle flavor to bring an intense yet earthy flavor to your tasty treats. This product is gluten free, and it also comes with zero grams of trans fat.

Grand’aroma Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

8.5 Oz Grand'aroma Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Grand’aroma Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an aromatic ingredient infused with Mantova extra virgin oil to bring a fresh and earthy flavor to your recipes. It’s also quite easy to use to a broad array of recipes.

What to Look For?

Before anything else, you should look at the label of the truffle oil. If it says anything like “essence,” “flavor,” “truffle aroma,” or something similar to these three titles, then chances are the oil is synthetically flavored. There might be bits of truffle found in these bottles, but these small pieces are most likely for show and not to impart additional flavor.

Why is this so important? It’s because synthetically engineered truffle oil lacks the nuances of real, fresh truffles. In other words, synthetic oils flavor, texture, and other important characteristics of natural truffle oil. It’s not that you won’t enjoy these synthetic creations, but if you’ve ever tasted the real thing, then you might find the artificial product to be a disappointing rendition.

Moving forward, some truffle oils have extra virgin oil mixed into the concoction but do take note of the ratio of the mixture. Some products have more virgin oil than truffle oil. You might ask yourself, why do manufacturers do this? It’s to make the synthetic aromas work with each other. However, note that extra virgin oils have different flavor variations. It’s to your risk to buy these mixtures as some virgin oil don’t work well with truffle oils.

When you do get the best natural truffle oil on the market for your specific culinary requirements, make sure to use it as sparingly as possible. If you pour more than what’s required for the dish, then it can easily overwhelm the overall taste of the recipe, especially if the truffle oil you pick contains any sign of synthetic aroma.


Whenever you use truffle oil, save it as the finisher for dishes. It’s because the oil has aromatic compounds that might become too delicate for the dish. If you want to bring the best of both the dish and the oil, then only drizzle a small amount over recipes, especially if the plate contains fat.

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