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The main thing about digging is not the ground you’re going to dig out but the shovel that you’re going to use to dig it out. The important thing about trench shovels is their durability and design. Before, shovels were only designed to dig out but completely disregarding the ergonomics that should be considered. Nowadays, we have a lot of trench shovels that are not only made for heavy-duty digging, but also made of materials that are strong and hard-wearing as well.

These shovels are made with gauge steel and fiberglass handles or hard wood that will help you with your digging. These handles will also help you make thetask easier and finish it faster than with older shovels. To help you look for the trench shovel, the list below shows 5 of the best trench shovels chosen by people in the market.

Foho Trench Shovel

Looking for a multi-functional trench shovel? Foho offers a trench shovel that’s useful for just about anything. This is also foldable so you can take it anywhere and use it conveniently. It’s also one of the cheapest and most affordable trench shovels in the market.

This multi-functional trench shovel can be used for digging, chopping, cutting, picking, prying, hammering, sawing, and of course, shoveling. For its cheap price, you can already use it for a lot of different tasks. It’s also designed to have a rubber grip that’s very comfortable and will not let the shovel slip from your hands easily. The cutting edge of this trench shovel is also thickened for easy handling. It’s a foldable shovel, so you can either use it straight or at a 90-degree angle that will be useful if you’re doing heavy-duty work. It’s really lightweight and compact that makes it great for hand carry. This also has a built-in compass and bottle opener at one its edges. It comes with a carrying pouch that has a loop so you can hang it from your belt or your backpack whenever you wanna bring it somewhere.

This multi-functional and compact shovel is an ideal tool for you to use not just at home, but also on your trips and travels. It will definitely come in handy when you need it immediately. Its cheap price will greatly justify why you should have on in your set of tools.

Bully Tools Trench Shovel

Bully Tools is a company that makes tools that can endure and withstand heavy-duty tasks. They offer a trench shovel that’s made from high-quality materials that are designed to do hard work without the fear of breaking. The price is just right for something that’s heavy-duty and strong.

This trench shovel is made of a triple wall fiberglass that has a handle that’s reinforced with wood. If you’re looking for something that’s strong like a wood shovel, this one will definitely compete with that. The blade’s approximately 12 inches and has a lot of coverage. Although this is a strong shovel, it’s designed to have an ergonomic fiberglass handle that’s well-padded and will give you a comfortable grip if the ground’s too hard. It’s also designed with a closed back design so nothing gets stuck while you’re working. The 14-gauge steel that’s used for this product is thicker and stronger than the typical ones in the market. It also has an extended ferrule and welded I-beam support to further increase the strength for working. No need to worry about the ground being too hard to dig on or the shovel getting broken with this strong shovel.

It’s 100% made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty. So, if ever it breaks, you’re going to get a new one for it. Durability and strength will be this shovel’s best advantages, so you better grab one before the stocks run out.

Truper Trenching Shovel

This trenching shovel from Truper not only thinks about getting the work done but also about the comfort and ease you should have while doing the work. If you’re looking for a trench shovel that values comfort as well as usefulness, then you should really get this one. The price might shock you but it’s worth the spending.

This trench shovel is made with 48-inch fiberglass that features a cushioned handle so it optimizes the comfort and easy you feel. Despite the comfort, this grip will still allow you to have a strong and balanced grip to let you have total control with the trench shovel. The blade is also made with a 14-gauge steel that’s stronger and better than most steel blades out there. With this material, you’re assured that your trenching shovel is stronger than most. Its long handle can also help you work better and faster since it can handle up to 400 pounds of strength. No need to worry about the handle breaking off from the blade because it’s connected by a collar ring that’s made of crimped-steel and rivetless to firmly connect the two. And forget about splintering because the thick fiberglass handle has a protective sleeve to prevent this from happening.

With comfort and ease in mind, this trench shovel is one of the best out there. Its strength and durability are two of the things that you should definitely look out for. For the wonderful features this trench shovel has, you’re not going to regret spending much for this product.

Corona Trench Shovel

Having a hard time retaining dirt on your shovel? This shovel has a feature that’s going to help you with that. This trench shovel also has a lot of different features, and for its price, it’s already a great steal.

This trench shovel is designed with a 4-inch wide v-angled head so you can have a great and effective penetration once you hit the ground. Not only that, this v-angled head is great with different kinds of soils. The head is also designed with a flat bottom and 1-inch sides so you can easily pick up dirt easily and retain them while you move. The head is made of 13-gauge steel for exceptional strength and durability. It also has a 4-foot handle that’s made of hardwood ash that it’s definitely durable and comfortable. The handle is ergonomically curved to an angle to help reduce bending and avoid back strains and pains. The angle also helps maximize the effort exerted and improve the digging efficiency. With all these features, this shovel is great for different varieties of digging.

This shovel is ideal for holding a lot of dirt while helping you finish your work faster. Being one of the most affordable shovels in market, you’d even recommend this product to friends and family because it gets the job done well.

Seymour Trenching Shovel

This trenching shovel from Seymour has features for both light-weight and heavy-duty digging. With this shovel, you’ll be able to finish your work in no time. This shovel is also very durable and hard-wearing to last you a long time. It’s affordable and very useful indeed.

The handle is made with fiberglass that also has a cushioned grip to prevent, or at least lessen, the fatigue and strain you might feel from prolonged digging. It has a PermaGrip collar to last a long time. The blade is 5 inches wide and 14 inches long to give you a lot of coverage for your digging. This is also suitable for clean out with its rear rolled up steps that are conveniently designed for light digging. Although it’s great for light digging, you can also use this to break up dry and rocky grounds without much effort. The front turn step head style will help you with your digging so it will be easier and faster. The features of this handle will definitely lessen the soreness you will feel from working. It’s not the cheapest but for the features, you’re gonna want to give this out to your friends and family who need it.

What to look for

With the growing number of trench shovels in the market, there will be some that won’t cut it for you. To help you look for the best one, here are the things that you need to look out for.

  • Handle – the handle should be made with strong material and designed to help you have a strong grip. The handle should also be able to prevent, or at least lessen, the fatigue and strain that your hand will feel during and after the digging. The handle should also be able to provide the leverage that you need to make the task easier. The handle should also be designed in a way that will minimize the bending you will do while digging.
  • Blade – the blade should be wide and long enough to hasten the task but not heavy enough to add more strain to you. The blade should be able to cut through tough grounds with ease. The blade should also be made of a material that’s durable and strong enough to last you a long time.


These tools are designed to give you the best features that will help with lessening the fatigue and the soreness you will feel after working. Whether it’s hard or soft ground, you’re going to want to find a very durable trenching shovel. Some of these shovels don’t come cheap, so you should be able to look for the best one for you.

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