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When you’re on a long trip with your kids you need to keep them preoccupied so they won’t get frisky and throw tantrums in your car or in a public transportation such as an airplane, boat, bus or other vehicles. One way of keeping their mind and hands preoccupied is to let them play with a travel toy. There are travel toys that are appropriate for your child’s age that you can find on the market. It can broaden their imagination and your child won’t be bored with the best travel toy. Here are the best products on the market.


This is a best-selling and highly recommended travel toy that you can check out on the market. The design of this product is suited for toddlers. There are six child-friendly buckles on this travel toy that can help with your child’s motor skills, cognitive skills as well as improve their hand and eye coordination. The design might be simple for adults but for toddlers, this is an engaging toy. They’ll love to play with the peek-a-boo flags and the vibrant colors of the toy. The size is perfect for travel purposes too. You can clip this anywhere.

AquaDoodle Travel Doodle

This is another engaging travel toy and learning tool your child will love to engage in during long travels with the family. Toddlers love to doodle that’s why giving them a travel doodle toy where it’s okay to doodle with is a great idea. This product is made of 61% fabric, 26% plastic and 13% paper. The mess-free design ensures that your child can freely draw on this to keep their attention preoccupied while traveling. You also get a neon Aduadoodle pen which your child can use again and again. All the items are durable and safe to use.

BUCKLE TOY “Blu” Whale

Toddlers have short attention span and they easily get bored that’s why there are a lot of travel toys suited for long travels such as this amazing product. Your child will have a fun time exploring the different knicks and knacks of this cute and plush travel toy. It comes with six buckles that are specially made to be safe for a toddler to play with. This toy not only keeps them preoccupied, it also helps develop their cognitive skills, eye and hand coordination, as well as their motor skills. The bright colors will surely attract your child’s attention too.


Children are easily bored. They get cranky, especially during long travels. It’s better to divert their attention and keep them preoccupied during long travels by letting them play with the best travel toy. There are age-appropriate travel toys you can find on the market. Make sure that it’s safe for your child to use. You can get a travel toy that can also encourage their mental and physical development such as travel toys that can help with their problem-solving skills. They’ll be too busy figuring out how to harness the full potential of their travel toy to notice that they’re traveling for hours.

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