Best Travel Router

Your wired network can be converted to a wireless one with the use of the best travel router. Even if you have an existing wireless network you can use a travel router to create your very own secure Wi-fi network. You can then share your videos, photos and even your music to your TVs, smartphones, tablets and even media players easily when you use a travel router. Using a high-performance one is important so you can share any type of media to your friends and family.

HooToo Wireless Travel Router

The first product on our list is a popular travel router that you need to check out. A lot of people highly recommend this product and for a good reason. This product will let you seamlessly stream any type of media that you wanted such as your videos, photos and even some music to your media players, TVs, some smartphones and other types of gadgets. This way your friends and families can view any type of media. You can also use this to transfer any video, photos, and music that you wanted. You can also free some space from your gadgets.

TP-Link N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Nano Travel Router

Another amazing travel router that you need to check out is this product right here. This one is a pocket-sized travel router that you can use anywhere if you wanted to. This product will let you have a secure Wi-fi that you can share with your family and friends by making this a Wi-fi hotspot. It has an amazing internet speed of 300 Mbps so you won’t experience any lag when you stream videos as well as music. This product can support router, Client, AP, WISP as well as Repeater operation modes. You can rely on this travel router for your Wi-fi needs.

RAVPower FileHub Plus Wireless Travel Router

The last product on our list is another highly rated and highly recommended one available in the market. You can use this transfer some files from your SD cards, hard disks, USB drives and even other types of gadgets that you have including your smartphones, computer and tablet devices. You can also use this as a wireless router. This way you can convert your wired network into a wireless network. You can also extend your Wi-fi and then share the internet connection to other people. Your family and friends can now have a seamless connection to the internet.


You can connect as many gadgets you have at home with the use of the best travel router. With this, you can share your internet connection to your laptops, smartphones and other gadgets such as your tablet and even your wide screen tv with the use of an adept travel router. Make sure that you choose a product that has proven its wide range of connection in order for you to share your videos, pictures and even different types of media such as your music with the use of a reliable travel router. It should also be updated and can accommodate heavy internet traffic.

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