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Getting the best toenail nipper will definitely help you get the job done. Hence, you’ll be able to walk more comfortably without a painful ingrown bothering you. Sometimes using a clipper just isn’t enough. This is particularly true when you have thick toenails.

If you do, then chances are you’re frustrated with using regular nail clippers. The problem is a small or even a large nail clipper doesn’t make a dent in your toenail. What’s worse, its shorter handles make it harder to press down on the nail. At times, there’s even a tendency for the nail clipper to go flying off. Thus, it might end up hitting you.

On the other hand, if you do manage to make a cut, there’s a chance it didn’t fully remove the nail. This means you’re left with a piece of nail that’s hanging. This is risky because you’ll end up pulling it. As a result, you might end up pulling too much including skin and that’s painful.

However, you’ll have a bigger problem if you weren’t able to take out the cut nail completely. An uneven cut can be the start of an ingrown toenail. Anyone who’s experienced an ingrown toenail can relate with this annoying problem.

So, tough nails need a tougher tool to do the job. Indeed, one that guarantees a clean cut. Moreover, it can manage tight nail corners to take out an ingrown.

The toenail nipper can do all this. The market sells a wide variety of toenail nippers. We highlight the top choices in this category to give you an idea of what the best product can do for you.

Kohm Toenail Clippers

Kohm Toenail Clippers for Thick/Ingrown Nails, Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, 5" Long. Includes Safety Tip Cover and Instruction Guide

You’re guaranteed to get quality toenail nippers from Kohm. Even if you have the most hideous ingrown and the toughest nails, the Kohm Toenail Clippers can help you a lot. So, It’ll save you from a lot of pain and frustration.

The Kohm Toenail Clippers open wider compared to other products. The distance between the jaws can go beyond 1 inch, which helps a lot if you have very thick nails. Its blade features a pointed tip that can effectively correct an ingrown nail.

The Kohm Toenail Clippers gives you greater power when cutting as it’s 5 inches long from the handle to the tip. This makes it more comfortable to hold when you’re using it. For your added convenience, it also features textured handles for your safety and added comfort.

The product measures 5 x 0.5 x 2 inches and weighs 0.5 ounces. It’s made of finest stainless steel. Each package comes with a safety tip cover and a guide to show you the best way to use the Kohm Toenail Clippers.

Harperton Nippit – Precision Toenail Clippers

Harperton Nippit - Precision Toenail Clippers for Thick or Ingrown Toenails

Harperton is certain of its product’s quality. Hence, it’s very confident to provide a lifetime warranty with every purchase of their product. Likewise, the company also has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee policy. If you aren’t satisfied with its Precision Toenail Clippers they’ll gladly refund you.

However, the chance of this happening is quite slim as the Nippit Precision Toenail Clippers could be the tool you’ve been looking for. Its meticulous construction process guarantees quality. Moreover, this product promises efficiency. Hence, you can use it to cut thick nails without fear. It’s specifically made to take care of ingrown nails. Moreover, it can help you handle fungus. It also works well as a cuticle trimmer.

The Harperton Nippit – Precision Toenail Clippers also stands out because of its ergonomic design. Its handles are wrapped in a non-slip material to ensure they don’t slip from your hand while you’re cutting. Even people who suffer from arthritis can use it comfortably. The blades are sharp and tapered so you’re certain you won’t make any mistakes while cutting.

Pedicure SE Podiatrist Toenail Cutter

SE Podiatrist Toenail Cutter * Large * 5.5" Long

The Pedicure SE Podiatrist Toenail Cutter is a tool you’ll likely find in a podiatrist’s clinic. Hence, you guaranteed it’s heavy duty and trusted by professionals. Indeed, you’ll a powerful tool in your hand so be extra careful when handling it.

Compared to other toenail nippers, the Pedicure SE Podiatrist Toenail Cutter is longer measuring 5.5 inches. This extra length gives you a big advantage when cutting. Indeed, the thickest nails won’t stand a chance against this toenail nipper.

Apart from using it on yourself, the Pedicure SE Podiatrist Toenail Cutter is also designed to make it easier for you to cut someone else’s toenails. This is because of its perpendicular cutting blade.

It also has a locking mechanism to secure the handles when you’re not using it. Its stainless steel material is medical grade. Plus, it has a strong spring action so cutting your thick nails with it won’t hurt your hand. The product comes from Pakistan.

ToiletTree Products Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Toenail Nipper

ToiletTree Products Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Toenail Nipper, 0.15 Ounce

The ToiletTree Products Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Toenail Nipper gives you the power to take care of your ingrown or hangnail. Moreover, you won’t sweat and struggle with it while cutting thick nails. Hence, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Indeed, the makers of this heavy-duty stainless steel toenail nipper are very proud of their product. They want to make sure their customers get the best experience from using. As a result, they offer a lifetime replacement warranty with every purchase you make.

Nonetheless, the manufacturer is confident of their product’s durability. They advise to keep it clean after every use. This should be done by wiping the blades with rubbing alcohol. Let this dry before storing.

One of the outstanding features of the ToiletTree Products Heavy Duty 100% Stainless Steel Toenail Nipper is its matte finish. Moreover, its handle is designed for your ultimate comfort. The product measures 2.5 x 0.2 x 5 inches and weighs 2.4 ounces.

Toenail Clipper – Professional Nail Nipper

Toenail Clipper - Professional Nail Nipper for Thick and Ingrown Toenails - Premium Quality - Surgical Grade - Brushed Stainless Steel, 5" Long

You’ll certainly be impressed by what the Toenail Clipper Professional Nail Nipper from Blue Orchids can do. This 5 inch long toenail nipper is made with quality surgical brushed steel blades. So you can be certain it won’t rust. Moreover, the blades will remain sharp.

It comes with a plastic cap for safe storage. The cap can cover the entire blades. The manufacturer also recommends removing the double springs of the Toenail Clipper Professional Nail Nipper before putting on the cap and storing.
The blades of the Toenail Clipper – Professional Nail Nipper can open up to 1 inch wide. So, you won’t have a problem using it especially if you have thick nails. The design also makes it easier to maneuver when cutting corners.

The product measures 5 x 2 x 0.5 inches. It comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. Moreover, Blue Orchids offers a money-back guarantee policy regardless of whatever problem you might have with their Toenail Clipper – Professional Nail Nipper.

What to Look For

Given the unique job this pair of specialty nippers can do, you certainly want to make sure you get the right one. But with numerous toenail nippers sold in the market, how can you be sure you’re getting the best one? Not to worry, we feature the top factors for you to keep in mind when buying a toenail nipper.

Indeed, each toenail nipper you might consider buying should pass each criterion. If not, then it means it’s not the best for you.

  • Material – It’s best to get a toenail nipper made of quality surgical steel. This ensures your nipper stays sharp so that every cut is precise.
  • Handle length –The length of the handles matters because this gives you sufficient leverage for cutting even the thickest and toughest toenails. Ideally, you want a toenail nipper with long handles. Noticeably, the toenail nipper is bigger than other types of nail nippers because of this feature that’s significant to its performance.
  • Blade – Typically, there’s a hairline gap between the blades of a nail nipper. When possible, handle the toenail nipper to examine for this feature. The gap should disappear when you squeeze the handles. Your toenail nipper should also feature a pointed edge. This is best for handling ingrown nails.
  • Textured grips – Check the handles of the toenail nipper to see if it’s textured. This helps gives you a better handle on the nipper when cutting. It’s also beneficial if you plan to use it right after showering while you’re still in the bathroom where the environment is still damp. There’s less chance of it slipping from your hand.
  • Spring – The spring action feature of a toenail nipper makes it easier to use. Nippers can have double springs or barrel springs. These types use a friction-free action when you squeeze. Alternatively, you can get a nipper with a level or single spring that uses friction by pressing against the opposite handle.
  • Construction – You definitely want a toenail nipper that’s solidly built. A wiggly nipper could mean its blades are uneven. Using a misaligned nipper can be more dangerous as it would cause greater damage.
  • Price – Admittedly, the price of the best toenail nipper can be high. However, the wide variety of options in the market to date can yield budget friendly options that still do a good job.


You don’t have to suffer from an ingrown for long. Keep in mind these factors namely, material, handle length, blade gap and edge, textured grips, spring, price, as well as construction. Moreover, you might want to consider any of these top choices. In no time, you’ll get the best toenail nipper that meets your needs.

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