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Your little ‘un will reach that age where they need the independence to eat on their own, whatever means it’ll take. It’s actually advisable to let your toddler eat on their own, even though the end result is a messy table and a messy high chair. You’ll experience messy floors and food scattered everywhere, but that’s part of growing up and it should be encouraged to have independence when feeding. They are the best judge when they’re still hungry and want more food or when they’re full. It’s actually not advisable to keep on spoon feeding your child especially when they reach that age where they can feed themselves, even if that means picking their foods using this hands and fisting a mouthful of food to their mouths.

When it comes to the mess during your toddler’s meal times, you can remedy that by using a reliable toddler placemat. There are actually a lot of specially designed placemats that are meant to help you in containing as little mess as you can when your child is eating their meals. They should be made of materials that are good for the health, BPA-free and even food-grade type of materials. One notable toddler placement even merged a placemat and a feeding plate. It can stick to any flat surface so that it won’t move around even if you have a frisky toddler eating. This list will help you choose the best toddler placemat for your toddler to use. Feel free to check them out.

ezpz Happy Mat 

ezpz Happy Mat - One-piece silicone placemat + plate (Blue)

This is the most popular toddler placemat in the market and for a good reason. The makers of this product have found a way to make it safer and cleanlier when your toddler eats their meals. Sometimes naughty toddlers throw their food down if they don’t like the food that you prepared. They might not mean it. It might be part of their underdeveloped characters so don’t take their actions for it and just find a way to prevent food throwing from happening. They were able to make a design where they merged a placemat with a plate. With this, your kid’s will have less mess while eating. The placemat actually sticks to the surface of the table so your child can’t lift it up easily if they plan to throw it.

You can save a lot of time from cleaning after your child if you let your children use this special placemat. With the suction at the bottom of this placemat, there will be no incidence of tipped bowls or plates. Cleaning this special placemat is super easy and quick too. You only need to use soapy water or you can just pop this in your dishwasher for a faster cleaning. This is made of 100% food grade silicone and there are no harmful materials used here. It’s BPA-free, BPS-free as well as PVC-free. There are also no lead and phthalate here. The price of this product is quite affordable which is great. Infants until toddler years can benefit from this placemat.

Summer Infant Tiny Diner Portable Placemat

Summer Infant Tiny Diner Portable Placemat, Green

Another known toddler placemat is this product. Even though it doesn’t have such a high rating, this is a pretty decent one that got a lot of people talking and you might be interested in checking this out. The unique design of this placemat has the addition of a molded scoop at the end of the placemat which acts like a silicone bib, but instead, it’s a placemat you place on the table. All the extra food that falls when your toddler eats will fall on the scoop so there’ll be a lesser mess to clean up after a meal. The scoop is actually placed at the end of the table so your baby can just scoop food all over the mat and the food drops on the scoop when nearing the edge.

The outer rim of this placemat is also efficient in catching wet spills when you’re baby is eating. The material used in this placemat is quite durable as well as flexible. You can easily wipe this clean but you can also place this inside your dishwasher to be cleaned. The materials used are also BPA-free as well as PVC-free so it’s okay to be used by toddlers and even infants 6 months and up. Your kids can directly eat from the mat so you don’t have to use an extra plate when they have their meals. That’s lesser plates to clean up after a meal which is convenient on your part. Some people had issues about the sticking power of their placemat, others had no problems at all.

Green Sprouts Learning Placemat

green sprouts Learning Platemat, Aqua

Now, this is a simple placemat that’s akin to the trays used by a school cafeteria. The design of this placemat is simple yet efficient in holding all the mess your toddler might do while eating their meals. But the good thing about this product is it’s quite spacious. You can place everything inside it and the extra space will capture all the food mess from eating. The raised edges of this toddler placemat are actually ingeniously made since it can contain all the food mess. With this, your young child can further develop their independence which is important for their development and what better way to do that than letting them eat on their own.

What’s good about this product is it can grow with your baby. You won’t regret purchasing this since your child can use this for a long time. This can also be used for your child’s creative play. The construction of this product is quite durable since the materials used in making this are high-quality materials. This is unbreakable and strong. It can even resist heat. The design makes it resistant to slipping so you don’t have to worry about any spillage. Since this is made of silicone, you can actually roll this and even fold this when you need to store it, isn’t that cool? It’s a convenient placemat to use at home as well as when traveling.

Suessie Premium Disposable Placemats 

Premium Disposable Placemats - 60 count (3 bags of 20) for Baby or Toddler - BPA Free and Eco-Friendly - Stick On Placemat for Kids - Children's 4 Sided Stick-On Place Mats

The next product on our list isn’t your conventional placemats. The makers of this product deduced that it’s better to use a disposable placemat, thus they made this product. What’s great about using a disposable placemat like this one is you can be sure that this is clean and germ-free. They even made this special. This is actually protected from bacterial contamination so you can be sure that when your child uses this it’s sterile and good for their health. When you’re out eating such as when you’re at the restaurant or when you’re having a picnic with your family, it’s better to use placemats that are sure to be clean for your baby.

You don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your placemat if you have a clean and disposable one like this product. When you open the package, you’ll be happy to see that it’s quite large. It actually measures 12×18 inches so you can make sure that it can cover a whole lot of area when your child is eating their meals. You can be confident that your child won’t leave a lot of mess for you to clean up after they eat. You don’t even have to worry about cleaning up any placemat since you can just throw this away after using it. It’s easy to use and very convenient to boot.

KiddieBobs Toddler Placemat 

Toddler Placemat + 2 Spoons - No More Mess - BPA Free Silicone Plate Set - Improved Non-slip Suction - Baby Table Place Mat for Babies, Infants, Toddlers, Kids - Portable Travel Bowl Spoons Pink

This is another ingenious placemat that your toddler can use. There’s no need to worry about any messy and spillage of food when your child doesn’t even have to use a plate when using this placemat. With this, you won’t stress about any mess and your child can fully enjoy their meal without the fear of your harping on them when they make a mess. An infant and toddler is naturally a messy eater. There are starting to learn about motor skills as well as exert their independence, especially when eating so let them be messy. To cope with how stressful it is to clean their mess, use a placemat like this.

The price of this product is very affordable which is awesome. The suctioned cups at the back of the placemat makes sure that this will stick to the surface of your table or your baby’s highchair table efficiently. With this, there won’t be spilled foods and plates when you use a placemat and plate at the same time. This product is a high-quality one that your child can use for a very long time. It’s safe to use too since the materials used in the making of this are food grade materials free from toxic stuff. No wonder a lot of parents recommend this product.


Your little one can be a messy eater. It’s natural to them to be like that since they’re still learning how to eat on their own. You can remedy that with the use of the best toddler placement. Less mess means less clean-up after your toddler eats. It’s a win-win situation for you and your little one,

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