Best Toddler Mittens

Still planning to go on out-of-town trips with your kids during the winter months? How ‘bout if you’re slightly tempted to just stay indoors instead? Whether you’re sure to have a travel adventure or opt for a staycation with your little ones, keep them safe and playtime-ready with one of our best toddler mittens.

SnowStoppers Toddler Mittens

SnowStoppers Kid's Waterproof Stay On Winter Nylon Mittens Large / 4-8 Years Sky Blue

Want toddler mittens that totally ward off extremely cold temperatures for your kids? Get the exact benefit with SnowStoppers Kids Waterproof Stay On Winter Nylon Mittens.

These toddler mittens have a unique drypel liner and sleeves that entirely lock water outside so your kids stay comfortably warm and dry. What’s more interesting about them is they appear bigger than their actual sizes to give allowance to your kids’ hands.

This hand-washable product comes in two toddler sizes according to year or level; Small and Medium. Choose from 12 assorted colors including sky blue, pink, and navy blue.

N’ICE CAPS Toddler Mittens

N'Ice Caps Toddler Boys Fleece Hat & Glove Set Navy 2-4T

Looking for toddler mittens that perfectly fit your kids’ hands? Get N’ICE CAPS Little Boys and Baby Sherpa Lined Fleece Toddler Mittens With Embroidered Hat.

These toddler mittens are composed of elastic wrists that adapt to your kids’ wrist size so they don’t look loose, dangling, or falling from the hands. Moreover, they include a matching hat with chin straps that you can adjust for your kids to wear on cold seasons.

This product measures 6 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 2 inches thick. Choose from various colors – navy, charcoal, navy/gray, black/charcoal, black/gray tye dye, and royal.

Peach Couture Toddler Mittens

Peach Couture Children’s Toddler Warm Winter Gloves and Mittens Value packs (One Size, Taupe)

Does your children love doing other activities like drawing while their hands remain comfortably warm? Let them achieve both with Peach Couture Children’s Toddler Warm Winter Mittens.

These toddler mittens are expertly knitted to effectively provide your children with adequate amount of warmth. Furthermore, they have finger buttons you can adjust to reveal your children’s top fingers so they could still draw, or scribble to their hearts’ content.

This product also comes with a matching donkey hat to protect your children’s heads and ears during the cold months. They’re available in two colors – taupe and rainbow.

What to Look For

When shopping for your kids’ perfect toddler mittens, don’t be afraid to be ruthless in terms of inspection because your kids’ health and safety depends on it. As such, here are the things that you must always keep in mind to ensure that everything goes well.

  • Size – Get toddler mittens that match your kids’ hand size. Doing this, helps your kids easily move their hands and fingers without the dreaded feeling that the toddler mittens might suddenly slide off from their hands. If you’re unsure of your kids’ hand size, get a pair with size that closely matches that of your kids’ hands.
  • Material – Determine the type of material from where the toddler mittens were made. Are they 100% nylon, 100% fleece, etc.? Knowing the type of material gives you a glimpse regarding the toddler mittens’ durability, if they’re prone to basic wear and tear, or if they might trigger your kids’ skin allergies.
  • Features – Identify the toddler mittens’ special features or what makes them worth more buying than the rest of their similar kinds. Are they waterproof, windproof, or perhaps 100% heat retaining? By matching the toddler mittens’ special features with your preferences based on your kids’ needs, you’ll be able to fully take advantage of their usefulness.


Getting the beneficial kind of toddler mittens according to their size, material, and features helps keep your kids safe, and lets them have fun even on cold, winter months.

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