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Tie Dye is a very popular design because it’s very easy to do, and you can do it on most cloths you have at home. If you’re only a beginner and can’t do it on your own yet but want to try it, you can opt to get the best tie dye kit available so that you could learn the do’s and don’ts when it comes to doing your DIY tie dying. Lucky for you, I have a narrowed down list of the best ones available in the market so you don’t have to look farther.

Tulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye Kit

Even though the Tulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye Kit is the most expensive option out of our list, it’s easily the highest rated tie dye kit and also the #1 best-seller. You get a lot for your money’s worth with this option because you would be able to have a DIY tie dye party at home and invite five of your friends along with yourself. You would already receive 18 bottles of Tulip’s one step dyes in different popular colours and all you need to do is to add water. A step-by-step guide is also included for beginners.

Jacquard Tie Dye Kit

With the Jacquard Tie Dye Kit, you would be able to create a lot (15, to be exact!) of your very own tie-dye designed t-shirts with just a single purchase. All you need is plain tap water and your very own plain shirts, and you’re good to go as you already have everything you need in the kit. Included in the kit are pre-measured dyes of red, blue, and yellow which you can use to mix and make up new colours of your preferences. There are also rubber bands, vinyl gloves and a 1/3 pound soda ash dye fixer.

Jacquard Indigo Tie Dye Kit (Mini)

Jacquard Indigo Tie Dye Kit (Mini)

If you’re just beginning to appreciate and learn how to do tie dye designs, then you can opt for the cheapest option Jacquard Indigo Tie Dye Kit (Mini). It only features a single colour, so you can focus on how to make the designs that you want to achieve, rather than mixing colours of your preference. The indigo dye is actually plant-based that’s why you get the perfect shade of indigo blue on your shirts and on your fabric. All you have to do is mix the dye with water and you can already experiment on 5 shirts.


Tie Dye Kits are a lot of fun, you can do it by yourself and you can even have it as a party activity. It’s something that you could do with a couple of friends so that you each have something which you can hold on to once the activity is done. It’s also actually a good arts and crafts lesson for children because most of the dyes are actually plant-based and very safe to use. It’s surely an enjoyable activity not only for kids, but as well as for adults.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or not, because tie dye is all about experimenting and trial and error. Also, most kits already have an included guide on common tie dye designs which you can follow in order to achieve the design that you want. If not, you can still work on it on your own so that you can discover new designs and even claim it your very own. The most important thing is that you would be able to enjoy yourself and the people you love.

Tie Dye kits are actually great gifts you can give, especially to creative and artsy people you know. Or, you can make tie dye shirts, towels, handkerchiefs, and so much more, and that could serve as your handmade presents for your family and friends during special occasions such as Christmas, birthday parties, get togethers, and so much more. You could even give your very own customized tie dye bandanas as a giveaway during fun run events. The possibilities are actually quite endless – you just have to be really creative with it and there’s no doubt that you actually can! So go ahead take out those t-shirts and get started.

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