Best Throwing Tomahawk

Tomahawks are classic weapons that are used by native Indians from a long time ago. These days, they don’t only serve as weapons, but they can also be used for entertainment purposes. Mostly, tomahawks are being thrown at targets to showcase great precision and accuracy. If you want to try it out for yourself, you have to get the best throwing tomahawk available in the market to give you the greatest experience. I’ve listed down the top three best ones which you could choose from that would suit your preferences.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F06TN-CP Fasthawk Tactical Tomahawk

The SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F06TN-CP Fasthawk Tactical Tomahawk is the highest rated and most affordable option on our list when it comes to getting the best throwing tomahawk. It has a black finish that looks sleek and cool and what’s nice is that a sheath which is made out of ballistic nylon material is already included. The 420 steel axe has a blade that measures 2 inches. Because of its size and design, it’s easier to carry and it’s faster, more agile, and lighter to use. It’s designed with a blunt edge you could use for hammering.

Cold Steel Trail Hawk American Hickory Handle

Another great option is the Cold Steel Trail Hawk American Hickory Handle which has an over-all length of 22 inches. The blade is much longer compared to the previously mentioned tomahawk at 6.5 inches long with its primary edge measuring 2.25 inches. You’re guaranteed of its durability because the handle is made out of imported American Hickory wood and the steel blade has been drop forged from 1055 Carbon. It’s very convenient and lightweight because it only weighs 1.34 pounds. Because it has been drop forged, the blade is fully hardened, making it more durable and effective.

Thrower Supply Throwing Axe

The Thrower Supply Throwing Axe is the most expensive option of out of all the three throwing tomahawks on our list and it also looks the coolest and sleekest. What’s unique about it is that you can choose from three different designs and colours which are: natural steel (which is the cheapest option), chrome polished, and blue steel (which is the most expensive). It has an overall length of 19 inches and the hatchet has been hand forged from high carbon steel. Because it’s been hand forged, you’re guaranteed of its quality that there aren’t any defects.


Getting the best tomahawk would highly rely on what your purpose is for using it. Would you use it for hunting? If yes, then it’s better for you to get throwing tomahawks which are portable and easy to carry around. Those options which already include the sheath are the perfect ones for you. But you also have to take into consideration the shape, design, and length of the blade because that’s where you would highly rely on if you’d want to use it for hunting trips.

Will you use it for exhibition or performances that require you to throw them on boards or fruits? Then the best option for you is to get the one which is the smallest and lightest out of all the options. That way, it would be easier for you to throw it around and your hands wouldn’t feel burdened and tired all the time. It’s also important to note that you should have a comfortable grip on the handle, because throwing tomahawks could be a dangerous thing to do.

The most important thing to consider is how you would need to use the tomahawks. Once you figure that out, you would already be easily able to choose which one is the perfect one for you to use. Just always keep in mind that you’re still dealing with a weapon – a very sharp one at that. Even with its portability, lightweight, and size, it could still pose as a danger if you use it incorrectly. You should also be aware of the proper maintenance and care, especially to keep your blade sharp and at top performance at all times. This way, you would be able to avoid any unwanted accidents that may occur because of the tomahawks and you can fully enjoy the beauty of it.

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