Best Throwing Knives

Do you want to practice throwing knives at targets just like the ninjas of ancient Japanese times? Perhaps you’ve seen movies and shows that depict people throwing small knives at their enemies and targets, and it made you think, “Man, I wish I knew how to do that!” Worry no more because you can start practicing those knife-throwing skills right in your backyard with the best throwing knife. As a word of caution, never target living or moving beings when practicing your throwing skills as these tools can cause wounds and even mortality.

Ace Martial Arts Supply Ninja Stealth Black Throwing Knives

The Ace Martial Arts Supply Ninja Stealth Black Throwing Knives has a 440 stainless steel construction, and you’ll feel like a stealthy ninja while using the blades in the set because of its traditional kunai design.

Perfect Point RC-179 Series Throwing Knife Set

The Perfect Point RC-179 Series Throwing Knife Set has 8-inch blades with a black stainless steel construction. There’s also a spider printed on the knife for additional flair.

6PC 5.5″ Throwing Knife Set – BLACK WIDOW SPIDER

The 6PC 5.5″ Throwing Knife Set – BLACK WIDOW SPIDER has a blade with a 2.5-inch length. The overall length for each knife in the set is 5.5-inches, and it also comes with a Black Widow of Death logo.

What to Look For?

If you’re still a beginner in the world of throwing knives, then you might assume that all of these blades are the same, except for their design. If you find it difficult to discern which throwing knife to get, just make sure to remember one thing – don’t go for low-quality models. Cheap knives might help you save some of your precious cash, but the product won’t do well in promising you a long-term use.

With that in mind, always go for the high-quality throwing knives on the market. Start by checking out the level of sharpness of the blade. This factor is quite unique for throwing knives because you’re not going to look for sharp edges. In fact, it’s quite the opposite because the knife shouldn’t cut deep when being thrown. Note that there’s no point of a throwing knife having a sharp edge because it’s only the tip that needs to cut into your target, and not the entire length of the blade.

You should also consider the handle of the throwing knife. If you’re looking for a professional-grade model, do know that it shouldn’t have any handles. Handles on a throwing knife do cause two problems: (1) it adds additional friction, and (2) it adds weight. Follow these points of consideration when searching for the best throwing knife that fits your needs.


Ultimately, the best throwing knife will give considerable sharpness at the tip, can be utilized for many different scenarios, and should be balanced and lightweight enough for it to be easily thrown. Acquire such a knife set, and you’ll have throwing knives that’ll be worth every penny you’ve spent on it.

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