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Throw blankets are one of the best decors or accessories to your furnishings at home. It’s even a great gift, most especially for house warming parties or for welcoming new neighbors and guests. They don’t only add style, colour, and pattern to your room, but they are also very functional and give warmth at the same time. If you’re looking to find the best throw blanket to add for your home, you came to the rest place. Let’s run through the top three throw blankets available in the market to make your decision making easier.

Utopia Bedding Cotton Throw Blankets (Twin, Smoke Grey)

Even though it’s the most expensive option among the three, the Utopia Bedding Cotton Throw Blankets (Twin, Smoke Grey) is the most talked about throw blanket in the market. It also receives a high rating from users who have already purchased, tried, and tested it. It’s woven using 100% cotton that has been ring spun, so you get a breathable and thermal blanket perfect for you. It’s also safe to wash using a washing machine, so it’s a lot easier. It doesn’t contain any synthetic materials so it’s very safe to use and it wouldn’t cause allergies or rashes.

Bedsure Flannel Fleece Blanket Red

If you want a throw blanket that’s softer and lightweight, then you can opt for the Bedsure Flannel Fleece Blanket Red which is made out of 100% microfiber polyester material. It has a measurement of 50 by 60 inches, so it’s perfect for single use or if you want to share it with someone while watching a good movie. Because of the material used to make it, it’s very durable and is resistant to both fading and wrinkles. It’s the perfect throw blanket to use all year round because it’s not too thick or too thin to use.

Pinzon Velvet Plush Throw Blanket (Aubergine)

If you want something that would give you great warmth, especially during the colder seasons and most especially during winter, then you can opt for the Pinzon Velvet Plush Throw Blanket (Aubergine). It’s made with 100% polyester material and even has supple mircoplush that makes the blanket very soft. It has a perfect measurement of 50 by 60 inches, so you can share with a loved one while sipping hot cocoa on the coach. You can pop it inside the washing machine for easy care so it wouldn’t cause you any hassles or worries. Get the warmth you deserve.


Blankets are very comforting to use, most especially when the weather and environment calls for it. It would keep you cozy and warm and it’s the great comfort buddy when you’re lounging indoors because of a cold winter. Throw blankets not only gives you that comfort, but it also adds a great deal of color and décor to just about any room inside your home. Just by the sight of it, you would already give a sense of comfort and relaxation to anyone.  But of course you wouldn’t just consider just about any kind of blanket. Blankets used in the bedroom are too thick to be used for lounging purposes, that’s why it’s important to choose a good throw blanket that’s made out of materials that would suit the weather and the environment that you’d be in.

Thicker throw blankets are best used and taken out during colder seasons, like the winter, so that you get the right amount of coziness, comfort and warmth when you need it. However, for warmer weather, you could opt to get thinner blankets at would still give you comfort, let’s say when watching a movie during a cool night, or even use it for outdoor bonding sessions over drinks on your porch. One of the most important things to consider is knowing the kind of materials put into your chosen throw blanket, so that you could avoid getting skin allergies and rashes. Synthetic materials may lead to this so you have to really careful when choosing the best throw blanket. Once you figure out those details, then I’m sure you would love getting throw blankets for your couches and seating as it would add to the whole relaxation experience and give you great comfort.

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