Best Thinning Shears

Hair styling may seem easy at first but once we all get to try doing it, I’m sure that you’d think otherwise. If you’re someone who practices doing so, or maybe you’re already a professional, then you’d know that hair styling doesn’t come easily. There are lots of ways and techniques in styling and one can only appreciate it after the result. Take thinning for example. It doesn’t sound nice to hear that your hair needs thinning but it is a need when you want a specific layer or texturing for your hair. Of course, a stylist would not be able to do that without the right shears. So, in here, you’d be able to find the best ones.

Utopia Care Professional Barber Thinning / Texturing Scissors/Shears

Professional Barber Thinning / Texturing Scissors/Shears (6.5 Inch) - Comfort Grip Triple Ring with Adjustable Tension and Finger Inserts - Professional Grade Texturizing Scissors - by Utopia Care

This thinning shear is on top of the list for a reason. For one, this item is made of great and of a high quality of stainless steel. So I can assure you that this shear would last long and it won’t rust at all. The blades are designed to have a convex hollow so that the razor edge would have an improved retention. One of the blades is made with teeth while the other is smooth and plain. What’s even better about this item is that a rubber handle is included so that you can opt to insert it for an extra comfort for your finger and thumb.

It also has a knurled knob that comes in gold plated which is just posh and neat. It is also designed to have a spring leaf adjustment system that relieves the tension for easier usage. It has its own leathered case that keeps it intact and well preserved.

Equinox International Professional Razor Edge Series Barber Hair Thinning/Texturizing Scissors/Shears

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series - Barber Hair Thinning/Texturizing Scissors/Shears - 6.5" Overall Length with Fine Adjustment Tension Screw - Japanese Stainless Steel - Lifetime Guarantee!

Next in line, is this thinning shear that comes in a great ergonomic design to make sure that it is comfortable and easy to use. The handle is very smooth and gives you a great grip. Aside from that it also comes with an insert, so that you can adjust it accordingly so that it fits well for you. It has a length of 6.5 inches which is greatly versatile to use for both men and women. Yet, it remains very easy to carry and use because of its light weight which is specifically 4.8 ounces only. This thinning shear is made of 100% Japanese high-quality stainless steel. Isn’t that just impressive?

Equinox Professional Barber Hair Thinning Shears Razor Edge Series

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series - Barber Hair Thinning/Texturizing Scissors/Shears - 6.5" Overall Length - Beautiful White Diamond Stones with Blue Chromium Fine Adjustment Tension Screw

Our last item on the list but certainly not the least might just be as great as the others. With a material made of 440C Japanese Cobalt stainless steel which is certainly of high quality, this thinning shear is great for your styling needs. It has diamond stones that are embedded in chromium which is colored in blue that serves as the tension of the blade and also as an adjustment screw so that you can quickly loosen or tighten the shears.

Each blade measures 3 inches in length and each one is also designed with a convex hollow with razor sharp edge so that it gives you the perfect cut. It has a very comfortable handle for easier grip.

What to Look For

On top of the things that I would look for in a thinning shear is the material that it is made of. Most likely, a thinning shear would be made of steel and of course, it is a lot way ideal to have it made of stainless one because this would ensure longevity. You won’t have to worry about avoiding liquids that could cause it to rust. Aside from that, we also have to remember that there are lots of types of stainless steel. However, since this list is made of the top three items that you can find in the market, it won’t be difficult to take a pick because all of them are of high quality.

Then, I would also take note of the size of the shears. It may come in different lengths and it would certainly matter because you might need a different length of shear for your men or women customers. If ever you can find something that you can use for both, that would be perfect.

Aside from that, I would definitely recommend that you should look for the design mechanism of the shear. I know that there would be something unique about each item whether it is a difference in the blade design, the tension adjustment, or even the handle. If there is something that you particularly want in a shear, then don’t forget to put it on the list too.


A thinning shear may not just be used for a hobby or for practicing but most likely it would be used for professional purposes. If you’re a stylist, you’d be able to determine which one would fit well for you as long as you’d keep a note of the things to look for without forgetting your own preferences. Hopefully, this has helped you in taking the right pick.

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