Best Thermal Compound

A thermal compound is often known as thermal grease but it also has other names you might be familiar with such as heat paste, heat sink paste, thermal gel, and thermal paste, among others. The composition found in this paste is actually conducive to heat and can help ensure that there are no gaps or spaces to the interface area of your semiconductor devices so that there will be efficient heat conduction. Even though it doesn’t add any mechanical strength to the device, it’s an important paste that acts as a thermal insulator. These are the best products out there.

Arctic Silver Thermal Paste

The first product on our list is a best-selling one from a well-known brand. When you look up thermal compounds online, you’d find that one of the most-trusted product to use comes from Arctic Silver and there’s a reason for that. Their products are very effective in what a thermal compound does. This one is made of pure micronized silver that’s not electrically conductive but is efficient in keeping the gaps and holes filled-up. The good thing about this product is it won’t separate and won’t run. It won’t migrate or bleed either. The price is very inexpensive too.

ARCTIC MX-4 Thermal Compound Paste

This is another best-selling and highly recommended product that we found in the market. This thermal compound paste comes in a convenient packaging that makes it easier for you to apply it to any device or item that you’re working on. Some even believe that this product is a lot better compared to using liquid metal. There are actually carbon micro-particles found here which gives you an amazing level of thermal conduction for your device. You’ll be surprised how this one can provide great heat dissipation. Compared to other products, this one is very durable. It’s easy to apply too. 1.5g Metal Oxide Thermal CPU Paste Compound Tube

The last product on our list is another best-selling one that’s garnered a lot of positive reviews from people who were able to use it. If you’ve used silicone-based compounds then you might be disheartened by their performance. This one is a lot better compared to those products since they’re more effective and safer to use. It can provide amazing performance applications. You can be sure that this one will remain stable even under varied ranges of temperature. The price of one tube is so low and a little goes a long way which is great.


If you’ve worked around electronics then you probably heard what a thermal compound is and how important it is to your craft. You need to use the best thermal compound in order to seal any gap or spaces on two thermal surfaces. This way heat conduction is successful. You must choose a product that has proven to give an efficient performance in the field of heat conduction. It should come in a packaging that makes it easy for you to apply it to any surface or crevice.

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