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You could never doubt the healthy properties found in a hot cup of tea. There are even some countries that make drinking tea a part of their daily habit to be healthier as compared to some places that don’t drink a lot of this great beverage. Preserving tea leaves and tea bags should be a top priority for anyone who loves drinking it on a daily basis. The freshness of the tea leaves will be indicative of its potency on how much benefits you can reap from it. An excellent way to preserve all that freshness is by putting them inside the best tea tin.

Wide Twist Top Tea Tin

Wide Twist Top Tea Tin (2 Cup / 16oz) - Set of 3

The Wide Twist Top Tea Tin comes with an easy-to-open-and-close Twistlug lid, and the container has a 4.2-inch height. The twist lid will keep all the freshness of your teas inside while keeping pollution and other airborne atrocities out of reach of your tea bags and tea leaves. The tin can is able to hold up to 2.5 cups of tea.

SpiceCubed Empty Tin

Empty Tin, 8 oz (JUMBO), PACK OF 6, with Coupon Code

The SpiceCubed Empty Tin might not look like much because of this tiny demeanor, but it can still seal the freshness of your tea leaves and bags without you worrying. It has a 2-inch height with a 3.1-inch depth. It can approximately hold 8-fluid ounces of tea leaves or just about 1-cup of tea.

Nakpunar Clear Top Square Tins

The Nakpunar Clear Top Square Tins can easily hold 4-ounces of tea, and the standard packaging allows interested buyers to take advantage of 6 tins with 6 lids. Each tea tin in the package will have a 2.5-inch width and 1.4-inch height. It’s also an ideal choice for decorating areas of the home. Some would even use the tin to place candles in it to add additional ambiance to any room.

What to Look For?

Tea tins have progressed throughout the years as something more than just a circular or rectangular object to place your tea leaves or tea bags. Manufacturers now consider putting different designs, shapes, and sizes in their products. Some would even mix-and-match the materials used in its construction to help differentiate their products from the rest of the crowd.

While we’re in the context of its construction, you might want to consider getting a tea tin based on its materials. Despite its name having “tin” on it, you’d now be hard-pressed to see a tea tin with that material as its base construction. Now, you can choose from a broad range of tea tins, including those made with glass, porcelain, and even wood.

Aside from the differences in materials, manufacturers will even design their tea tins differently. There might be some who will still have that stainless steel finish. However, there are now a lot of tea tins that show off beautiful designs such as those with birds or a beautiful garden surrounding its fa├žade. Some manufacturers will even create their tins in a round or octagonal shape so you can directly place your loose tea leaves inside of them.


If you think that modern tea tins are only used for storing tea bags and tea leaves, then think again. Tea tins are now useful as pieces of tight containers that’ll allow users to put practically any small object inside it. You can store milk, your car keys, and even your dog’s treats inside its tiny walls. The use of this item can bring protection and excellent storage capacities to whatever you plan on putting inside it. Albeit simple and straightforward in nature, the best tea tin will give you more value than what you paid for it.

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