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Ah, summer – the best season to hit the beach and to go on long road trips across the country. Summer isn’t just known for its warm weather and trips to the local swimming pool, it’s also the perfect time for tar, sap, and bugs. It means that all kinds of things can splatter on your vehicle’s windshield and it’s going to be a pain to try and remove the residue. Thankfully, there’s a product known as a tar remover so you don’t have to grit your teeth (too much) when you’re trying to remove these unsightly things off of your automobile.

Turtle Wax T-520A Bug and Tar Remover

The Turtle Wax T-520A Bug and Tar Remover is an ideal choice if you’re constantly having trouble with bugs, tar, and tree sap getting onto several areas of your car. Its formulation will cling to most vertical surfaces to allow for enhanced cleaning performance. There’s also no rubbing requires getting rid of the residue. All you have to do is spray it on and wipe it off.

Stoner Car Care Tarminator

With a name like Stoner Car Care Tarminator, your car is guaranteed to be tar-free in no time. It can break down complex compounds and substances that are commonly found in tar and other sticky materials. Now all that’s left is to wipe it off and you can call it a day.

CarPro Tar X Tar and Adhesive Remover

The CarPro Tar X Tar and Adhesive Remover has a powerful citrus solvent that also acts as a heavy-duty cleanser for your vehicle while removing pesky tar in the process.

What to Look For?

There are different types of tar and insect gunk removers on the market, but only few can be considered to be the best of the best. Look for tar removing solutions that can effectively soften and loosen stubborn tar and dead insects off of your delicate automobile. Many tar removers can safely guarantee to protect the paint job of your vehicle so you don’t have to worry about scratches or paint deterioration while you’re using the product.

Some tar removers are also multi-purpose products as they can easily remove insects, rubber scuff marks, and, of course, bits and pieces of road tar off of your valuable car. However, do note that you still need a scraper or a cleaning tool to safely and securely remove the bugs and tar off of your car. Tar removers will only help the residues to moisten and soften up. It might be counterintuitive to call a remover a “remover” if it can’t eliminate bug carcasses and tar all by itself. Still, it is what it is, and it’s just a single part of the entire formula of properly taking care of your vehicle.


Once you have the best tar remover, you also need to consider getting a good car scraper or cleaner. Furthermore, do note that most tar removers can remove the wax off of your automobile, so you might need to reapply a good amount of wax after you’re done removing tar and dead bugs from your vehicle.


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