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Getting that wonderful glow is no easy feat. If you’re not living in a tropical country and can’t get all the natural vitamin D from the sun without burning yourself off, then you might have to resort to artificial means in order to get the tan that you wanted. Some people just don’t have the time to leisurely bask under the rays of the sun, in a healthy way and with lots of sunscreens (it’s a must!), so they rely on a tanning bed to acquire that tan that can give a youthful glow to their visage and to their whole body. Even though a tanning bed can be installed indoors, under the comfort of your home, or at a tanning salon, you still need to do some precautions in order to protect yourself from the UV rays of the tanning mechanism.

One of the protection that you shouldn’t omit is the use of a tanning eyewear. The rays from the tanning bed can harm your eyes, especially your retinas, and can lead to visual problems which can be irreparable. You don’t want to go blind just because of tannin mishap, would you? Using an efficient and well-made tannin eyewear that can cover the entirety of your eyes is a must. There are a lot of tanning eyewear sold in the market that you can choose from. It comes with different colors but the shape and the functionalities are relatively the same. It’s important that you choose one that can cover the important parts of your eyes while giving you comfort so as not to hinder your relaxing time inside the tanning bed. Here’s a list of the best ones in the market.

Super Sunnies Evo-Flex 

Super Sunnies Evo Flex Flexible - Random Color Selection - we Choose The Color

As we perused through the many products on the market, we found that this is the most popular tanning eyewear to date. These tannin protective are quite comfortable to use. They are very flexible so it can conform to your eye socket without any hassles. The special design makes sure that your eyes are well protected from the harmful UV rays of your tanning bed. Even if you lie down in your tanning bed for hours, if you can tolerate it, your eyes will be protected from harm so you don’t have to worry about your eyes. This product actually passes the standards of the FDA when it comes to UV protections for people who are fond of tanning beds. The shape is quite fitting so each time you place this on your eye area it’ll conform perfectly.

You can choose from various colors that come from this brand. The good thing about this tanning eyewear is it can protect your eyes from the UVB rays as well as UVA rays 99% each time. While it protects your eyes, it doesn’t restrict your vision since you can still see while wearing this. You can think of it as a special sunglasses but you just have to ignore the funky look of it. The price of this product is quite affordable, unlike other products. Even if you purchase how many tanning eyewear, some for backup, your pocket won’t hurt from the purchase. It fits great and it works well. No wonder a lot of people prefer this product.

Wink-Ease Starter Kit

Wink-Ease Starter Kit-30prs

This is another efficient tanning eyewear that we found in the market. A lot of people actually gave it high ratings. You can say that this is a lot easier to use since it has a simple design and it’s super simple too. These are actually disposable tanning eyewear and it has an original design. If you frequently go to a commercial tanning salon, you probably noticed some of them use this type of tannin eyewear. Since these are disposable you can be sure that you only get to use one clean one and then dispose of it after use. You can be sure that it’s clean and not used by anyone but you. You can also be sure that with the use of this you are totally protected from UVA and UVB rays.

These tanning eyewear are super light and comfortable to use. This is what you usually use when you use a stand-up tanning unit. The good thing about tanning eyewear like this one is you don’t get any tan lines all over your nose and your eye area because of the shape and the design of the product. You don’t also get any tan lines around your eyes. It can be quite comical to have rings around your eyes after your tanning sessions and this is the solution to that. With this, you’ll have no problems seeing through them. It might look like it’ll fall off but it doesn’t. You can actually move freely while you’re in a stand-up tanning unit or in a flat bed.

Peepers Individual

Peepers Individual - Asst Color

This is another inexpensive yet effective tanning eyewear that we found in the market. You might want to consider this product. A lot of people actually recommend this for people who frequently tan. Some people who were able to use this even profess that this is the best tanning eyewear that they ever used. Unlike other products, this has a simple design that’s quite effective in protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the UVA and UVB while you’re tanning inside a tanning bed. You can be sure that this will stay on your eye area even if you move a lot since it has a strap that can stay on your head. You won’t be blinded by the light inside your tanning bed with this but you can still view your surroundings.

What you see on the market is what you get. You can choose what color you wanted to use. They can be quite funky to look at but they get things done. When it comes to choosing what tanning eyewear to wear, you have to consider the quality of the product and its efficiency. With this, you can’t go wrong with its functionality. Your eyes won’t get damaged from the UV lights since this will cover up all the vital parts of your eyes. You can still move around with this one and you can still view your surroundings with this so everything’s good.

California Tan Sunsets Tanning Eyewear 

California Tan Sunsets Tanning Eyewear 1-PR Random Picked Colors

By far, this is the cheapest tanning eyewear that we found in the market. Don’t be disheartened by the affordable price. Even though this is quite inexpensive, it’s still an effective means to protect your eyes from the UV rays while you’re tanning inside your tanning bed. This doesn’t have any strap so you can’t use this for stand-up tanning units. That’s just the downside of this product. But if you frequently use a regular, flat tanning bed then this is a product that you can use. Some people had no problems using this. There are even those who prefer to use this. Since it doesn’t have any straps, you won’t get any tan lines on your nose or around your eyes.

With this, you won’t have any raccoon eyes after you come out of your tanning bed. When it comes to tanning beds you have to do extra precautions especially when it comes to protecting your eyes. Even if you close your eyes while you’re inside your tanning bed, you still have a high risk of damaging your eyes that’s why you don’t skimp on using a tanning eyewear. If you want to budget your tanning sessions then you can use an affordable one that’s effective at the same time like this product. The brightness of the tanning light won’t hurt your eyes when you use this tanning eyewear.

Sun Globes Tanning Bed Eyewear 

Sun Globes Tanning Bed Eyewear 1 Pr Random Color

This is another strapless tanning eyewear that we found in the market. This might not have the same level of ratings with the other products on this list but based on the mixed reviews of people who were able to use this, this is a pretty decent product to use. Since it doesn’t have any straps, this product isn’t as effective when you use it for stand-up tanning units. It’s better to resort to a flat tanning bed if you use this tanning eyewear since it might fall off if you use this for stand-up units. When it comes to protections, you can rely on this tanning eyewear though. The lens protects your eyes efficiently from the UV rays.

There are a lot of people who had no issues with this product. It’s quite inexpensive and it functions well as a protective eyewear when you lie down inside your tanning bed. With this, you can still see through it so you’re not really visually impaired while you’re wearing it. You might not be able to move around much while you’re wearing this since it doesn’t have a strap, but if you usually just relax and sleep inside your tanning bed then this won’t cause you any problems. You can check this product out if you’re interested.


When tanning, you shouldn’t neglect to protect your eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Use the best tanning eyewear when you go tanning inside your tanning bed. There are affordable ones that can do their functions of protecting your eyes so feel free to check them out.

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