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For race junkies, keeping their automobiles in tip-top condition is important. They can maintain the condition of their engines and test the performance of their car by using a special tool that measures the rotational speed of their machine. That special device is called the tachometer. You usually see it on your car but some have separate tachometers that are specifically used to measure your car’s performance. The device is able to show you the revolutions per minute of your machine shaft or disk. The unit of measurement is amply called RPM. A tachometer is also known as a speedometer, you probably heard of it. You can easily see how fast your car is with the use of an efficient tachometer or speedometer.

There are portable speedometers or tachometers sold in the market. You can check it out if you’re interested in purchasing one. A tachometer or speedometer is used to measure the speed of your car. Tachometers are also used to keep the driver updated on the state of their car. When they speed too much without changing the gear of their car, this is applied to manual cars, you might damage the condition of your car’s engine. It’s important to have a well-functioning tachometer in setting your driving in proper conditions. With proper car conditions, you can keep your engine in good condition all the time. There are digital tachometers sold in the market which is an upgrade to the analog tachometers used years before. You can check this list of the best tachometer in the market if you’re looking to purchase one.

CyberTech Digital Photo Laser Tachometer Non-Contact 

The most popular tachometer that we found in the market is this product. This is a reasonably priced tachometer that has garnered good reviews from people who were able to use it for themselves. This is actually a digital tachometer with a compact and portable design. You can carry it around when you need to check the speed of a vehicle. This is more than efficient in measuring the rotational speed of any vehicle or moving transportation. It has a powerful LCD display where it shows the readings of even the fastest transportation device. The high-intensity laser of this product is class 2 which can actually measure as low as 2.5 RPM to the highest 99,999 RPM.

The extra-large display of this tachometer makes it easier for you to view the readings in RPM units. This can store the different readings that you use and it has an auto zero adjustment that’s very useful. Some people noted that having a special reflective light can mislead the infrared readings from this device, but aside from that it can give you accurate readings each time you use this which is great. The price of this product is very reasonable too which is great. Even though this isn’t a high-grade tachometer, it’s a great rip-off from the expensive ones sold in the market. You can check this product out if you’re interested.

Hardline Products Tachometer

The next product on our list is a highly rated one that has won the hearts of a lot of people. The small and compact device is very misleading, but it actually works really well compared to the larger ones in the market. This tachometer is actually used for vehicles that have 2-cylinder engines. It can work really well with gas engines, even ones with one or two cylinders that can reach 16,000 RPM. You can actually adjust the input of this product for any type of ignitions that you might have. There’s no need to stress about installation. There’s no need to install power and ground wiring with this one.

This product actually utilizes universal installation. You can use this for stick coils, older ignitions, and EFI. It can record all its readings and they won’t be erased even after multiple uses which are great. The price is a little bit higher compared to the first product on our list but you can’t go wrong with the performance of this product. With this product, you don’t have to worry about changing the battery since it can actually last for 10 years. This tachometer actually utilizes an internal battery system which is very efficient in giving power for long periods of time. When your engine is turned off, this tachometer immediately turns off in order to preserve a lot of power.

TMS Digital Hour Meter Tachometer 

Here’s another tachometer that we found in the market. It might not have a very high rating but there are mixed reviews about this product leaning to the positive ones. This is a tachometer that’s used for gas powered engines whether it’s a 2-stroke one or a 4-stroke one. This can show you the RPM of your engine and the operations of your engine in hours. Unlike other tachometers, this is very easy to install. For more information, you can check out the user manual that comes with this item. The instructions are easy to understand too that’s why you’ll have no troubles in installing this tachometer.  The internal battery of this tachometer can last for 35,000 which is a pretty long time.

This tachometer is able to reset the total number of hours used. It has a maintenance time that can keep track with the condition of your vehicle and engine. You can tune different vehicles with the use of this tachometer. When you need to do some speed tests, this is an efficient product that you can use. The price of this tachometer is very affordable. Even though this isn’t the most high-end and expensive tachometer ever sold in the market, it’s a pretty decent one that you can try to use.

AGPtek® Professional Digital Laser Photo Tachometer Non-Contact 

The next product on our list is a digital tachometer that utilizes the laser technology. There’s no need to be in contact with the mechanism of your engine when you have this digital tachometer. This product might not have very high ratings but it sure has some good reviews by people who were satisfied with its decent performance. This portable tachometer has a large LCD screen that makes it easier for you to view the readings without any problems. This has a pretty wide measuring range that you don’t normally see with other products in the market. The high-resolution LCD screen is bright and allows you to easily read the results.

The overall product is very durable. This is made of high-quality materials yet the weight of this tachometer is light. You can carry it without any worries. It even comes with a cute pouch where you can store it when you’re done using it, or you can place it inside the pouch when you need to travel and bring this speedometer along. This can automatically save the last reading of your tachometer and when you need to review the special trend, you can easily view it. The overall design is made to comfortably fit your hands. Even though this product has garnered mixed reviews by customers, overall it’s a pretty decent one that has an affordable price.

Docooler Digital Engine Tach Tachometer 

The last product on our list is this tachometer we found in the market. This product has a wide range of operating temperature that can suit with a whole lot of engines operating with gasoline. You need to make sure that the tachometer you purchase for your vehicle suits the type of engine that you have. With this, it’s quite suited for all types of gas-run engines. The LCD screen of this tachometer shows the RPM of your engine in bright and easy to read numbers. This can also record the number of hours your engine has been operating in order for you to determine its condition.  This tachometer will work for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines which are great.

There are no fancy methods of installation with this one. It’s super easy to install, you only have to tie this to the spark plugs with its cable. Its waterproof body will protect it from the elements so you can be sure that it can last for a pretty long time. It actually has a programmable setting that can keep its maintenance for many years to come. Even though this didn’t have really high ratings by people who were able to use it, it’s a pretty decent one that can get the job done of measuring the speed of your vehicle. One negative thing about this product though is that changing the batteries can be a challenge since you have to break its back in order to access the batteries.


Tune-up your automobiles with the use of the best tachometer. Knowing the revolutions per minute of any vehicle is now made easy with the advent of portable tachometers that you can use anywhere. You can also install them to your mode of transportation easily. There are a lot of reasonably priced ones in the market. Pick the one suited for your vehicle.

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