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Beauty is something that comes in naturally to all of us, but of course, I would also say that there are even more ways to bring out the best of you. In events or during special days, for example, we can’t deny that doing an extra to bring out the most attractive that we can be is something that most of us do and enjoy.

Our hair is one of the things that get the attention first. It perfects and completes our look. Sometimes, it’s not easy to get a curly or a straight hair and a full length and volume filled hair is even more difficult to achieve. With the help of extensions though, it can be done in a few added efforts and now you can achieve the look that you want. Take a look at the top 3 synthetic hair extensions that you can get in the market today.

REECHO 3/4 Full Head Curly Wave Synthetic Hair Extensions

REECHO 20" 1-Pack 3/4 Full Head Curly Wave Clips in on Synthetic Hair Extensions Hairpieces for Women 5 Clips 4.6 Oz per Piece - Black brown

One of the best things about this synthetic hair extension is the variety of color that you can choose from. With 26 colors to choose from, it would not be difficult for you find the perfect one that matches your natural hair color. You can choose shades of blonde, brown, black, linen, silver gray, silver black, golden, and even wine red.

It is made of kanekalon fiber which is actually very durable and it could stand against heat very well. You can safely use a curling iron for it, or a hair straightener that goes under 176 degrees Fahrenheit. The length measures an average of 20 inches. Another plus is that it is easy to clean for re-using and taking care of it for storage whenever it is not in use.

OneDor Curly Full Head Clip in Synthetic Hair Extensions

OneDor 20" Curly Full Head Clip in Synthetic Hair Extensions 7pcs 140g (1B-Off Black)

This synthetic hair extension will cover up a full head so it’s just perfect if you’re looking for one. It is made of a very high-quality fiber which is durable and can withstand the heat ranging from a temperature of 270 degrees Fahrenheit up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Approximately, this hair extension measures 20 inches in length. You can also easily clean and wash this hair extension or you can perm and style it up if you want to. You can choose 18 colors that vary from white, blonde, brown, red, and black. They even have an ombre styled hair extension.

OneDor Curly 3/4 Full Head Synthetic Hair Extensions Clip On

OneDor 20" Curly 3/4 Full Head Synthetic Hair Extensions Clip On/in Hairpieces 5 Clips 140g (25#-light Golden Blonde)

This item is a full head-one piece hair extension. Coming in a curly style, it has 5 clips attached to it to make sure that it is securely placed along with your hair. It has a measurement of 20 inches in length and 9 inches wide. You can do whatever you what with this extension like curling it, washing it, straightening, perming it, and any other form of restyling. This extension is perfect so that you can add volume and length to your hair. You can opt for the 23 colors that are offered.

What to Look For

One of the things that I would first look for in a hair extension is the color. For me, this matters the most because the color is what would determine if it matches with our own color well or not. If you have a black hair, you have to find something that matches the kind of shade of black that you have. You see, if you would then just buy any shade of black, it would be obvious that you are wearing an extension if the colors don’t match, not unless you’re trying to achieve an Ombre feel, style, or look.

Then, I would also look for the length measurement of the hair extension. This would ensure me if it fits the criteria that I’ve set personally. If you want something extraordinarily long, then try to specifically determine the number or approximate length of the item. So, you can now easily picture it in your head if the length is just enough, or maybe too much.

Another thing that comes into my mind when getting a hair extension is the material. Since these items are all synthetic, we have to make sure that it is durable enough and that it doesn’t look too unnatural. It would even be great if we can find a hair extension that is versatile enough for an extra styling like curling, straightening, etc. Aside from that, I think I would also consider taking a look at the item if it can cover a full head of simply partially. That way we know what we expect for once we’ve already bought the item.


There can be lots of things that you might want to consider if you’re looking for the perfect hair extension. But with all the things listed in here and with these items being the best and on top of the list, we are hoping that it won’t be difficult for you anymore.

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