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One of the highlights of the Olympics, in my opinion, is the synchronized swimming. I mean, don’t you just find it fascinating how they can glide through the water and do all those fancy moves? Most people can barely move a few inches on the water, but these ladies can do it effortlessly. How do they even breathe under water? What if the water gets inside their mouth or nose? Well, it seems like they use a special tool to keep water from their nose and that’s a nose clip. A nose clip isn’t only used for synchronized swimming. It’s also used for free diving, kayaking, and other recreational swimming. It can protect the person from ingesting water through their nose.

A nose clip is actually made of wire that has a rubber or a plastic cover in order to prevent water from getting inside your nose when you do some aquatic activities such as swimming. The rubber or plastic that encases the wire makes it more comfortable for you to use a nose clip. With this, you don’t have to worry about air from escaping and from water from getting inside your nose. This is the reason why a lot of swimmers use this. They can be sure that when they do swim, they can easily move the water without worrying about ingesting too much water. You’ve probably seen professional swimmers use. You also see synchronized swimmers use this. Here’s a list of the best swimming nose clip available in the market.

Speedo Competition Nose Clip

The most popular swimming nose clip we found in the market is this one. It might not be a highly rated one but it’s one of the decent ones used by a lot of swimmers, professionals and even amateurs alike. Even though this has a simple design, it can suit the needs of swimmers with low profiles. The design is specially made to be low profile in order for you to have more comfort when you use it. This also looks a lot better this way. The frame itself is adjustable. It’s made of stainless steel so it’s okay to be immersed in the water without the fear of rusting or getting damaged.

In order to protect the nose from harm, the stainless steel frame is encased with a TPR nose pad. Even though you use this swimming nose clip for long periods of time, it won’t hurt your nose. The tightness of the nose clip is enough to prevent any water from getting inside your nostril but it’s not too tight that it can hurt your nose. Unlike other cheap swimming nose clips, the pads don’t easily break off even after multiple uses. Some people might have mixed reviews about this product but for its price, this is a pretty decent one.

Speedo Liquid Comfort Nose Clip

This is another Speedo swimming nose clip that’s highly popular by people who are fond of swimming. Unlike the first one, this one has a flexible and lightweight nylon covering the entirety of the nose clip. This product is made to fit most nose size and shape. It has the right contour that can securely close your nose passage so that no water will get inside it when you dive or swim. It really fits the contour of your nose bridge. The pads are actually soft TPR which will give you a snug and comfortable fit each time you use it. From this trusted swimming and sports brand, you can expect only the best design and performance.

There are people who absolutely love this product, but some people who were able to purchase this had mixed reviews about it. When you receive this via package make sure that you get a good one. If you have any issues with the one you received you can easily call their customer service. Despite that, there are a lot of people who had no problems with the fit of this nose clip at all. Even if you swim deep, it won’t fall off from your nose. You just have to find the right way to fit this to your nose without falling off. If you do it right it won’t fall off at all.

BluPond® Swimming Nose Clips and Earplugs 

Now, here’s another great swimming nose clip that we found in the market. The great thing about is it’s highly efficient in keeping water from getting inside your nose when you dive or swim. This is a highly rated product and a critically acclaimed one too boot. No wonder a lot of people recommend this, it’s quite amazing. It has the right tightness that’s comfortable yet efficient when you swim. This is all thanks to the anti-slip design of this product. Some products just won’t stay put when you swim. They easily glide which isn’t very effective at all. With this, you won’t have any problems.

The next time you swim, you don’t have to waste your time to fix your nose clip each time. Even though you use this for prolonged periods of time while you swim or dive you won’t experience any discomfort and it won’t slip off easily. Another good thing about this is it can fit most nose bridge. The price is quite reasonable for such an efficient and high-quality product. The silicone material is quite comfortable to use even for hours on end. It won’t hurt your nose at all, unlike other products. The silicone material used here is non-toxic and allergy-free too which is great.

TYR Ergo Swim Clip

This is another option that you might want to check out. The price isn’t too expensive and the quality is quite passable. Although this might not have a very high rating, some people gave this a thumbs up when it comes to efficiency in keeping water from getting inside your nose. This is actually made of high-quality materials. You can use this for long periods of time and it won’t get damaged easily. This has been tested for the extreme level of use by the manufacturers and it passed with flying colors. A lot of professionals use this and even recreational users opt to use this too.

What’s great about the design of this product is the flexible bridge of the nose clip. It won’t hurt your nose at all even if you have a pointy or sensitive nose. Adults and young adults can have a comfortable fit with this product. You can choose from different colors that come with this product. With this, you can have a bold statement while you’re in the pool or you can choose to use a neutral colored nose clip. Since this can fit most nose bridges, you’ll have a grand time using this while swimming or diving. The quality is good and the price is even better.

Beige Elastic Rubber String Nose Clip Protector for Swimming

This is the cheapest swimming nose clip that we found which has garnered a fair share of good reviews from people who were able to use it while swimming or diving. What’s great about this product is it’s flesh-colored so it won’t be noticeable that you’re wearing a nose clip even though you do. The silicone material that covers the entirety of the wire is very soft and comfortable to use. It even has an addition of nylon which helps to secure your nose clip to your nose even if you dive deep or swim fast. This won’t easily slide from your nose when you swim for long periods of time which is great.

The size of this swimming nose clip is perfect for most noses. Even though the design of this nose clip is pretty simple, it’s quite efficient and can give you a decent pinch of the nose to keep water from entering it. The design of this product makes sure that it won’t slip off which is great. These are actually old-fashioned nose clips but they are quite efficient. Even though it’s not the most fashionable nose clip there is, but when it comes to functionality this is great. Some people even removed the straps since the fit of this one is perfect.


In order for you to have the deepest and most efficient dive, you have to protect yourself from the onslaught of water and the best way you can do that is by using the best swimming nose clip. The best one should be able to pinch your nose effectively in order to prevent the water from getting inside when you dive or swim. Even though a swimming nose clip is meant to pinch your nose, it shouldn’t hurt you so. There are a lot of swimming nose clips that are well-made and efficient in protecting the swimmer from ingesting water while swimming or doing some water sports. Make sure that you choose one that’s effective and durable. We hope this list was able to help you in picking the perfect one for you to use.

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