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Many great bedroom storage stories start with the bed. Yes, you’ve read that right; storage beds help clear up valuable space inside a bedroom, which is a boon for anyone with limited space to work with. Think about this – bedrooms are fundamentally the room where we sleep, and that much is plainly obvious. Aside from the place where the comfy bed is located, there’s also a lot of stuff that might be in there, such as personal items, clothing, jewelry, and some knick knacks. We can’t get away with the idea of wanting or needing more stuff to put in our bedroom. If your closets are already full, then seek the assistance of storage beds for that much-needed extra space.

Espresso King Mate’s Platform Storage Bed

The Espresso King Mate’s Platform Storage Bed is a modernly-styled storage bed fit for a king-sized mattress. Aside from its large size, it has six 20-inch deep drawers built into the bed frame for your bed sheets, underwear, lingerie, extra pieces of clothing, or other items of interest. The frame of the bed has a laminated wood composite construction with plywood slats and metal supports. The manufacturer applied a finish of a rich espresso color to the frame of the bed.

The Espresso King Mate’s Platform Storage Bed also has metal slides with safety spots so that drawers open and close securely and with minimal effort. The entire bed is also easy-to-clean as the only requirement for regular maintenance is by wiping it with a damp cloth.

When fully assembled, the Espresso King Mate’s Platform Storage Bed measures 78 1/2 inches in length, 81 1/2 inches in width, and 18 3/4 inches in height. The height of the bed increases to 21 inches if you use an 8-inch mattress.

White Queen Mate’s Platform Storage Bed

It is a certainty that many storage beds are on the market, but many models offer drawers that are tough to close and open. The White Queen Mate’s Platform Storage Bed eliminates such an issue as its drawers run on smooth, all-metal roller glides. Furthermore, the compartments have built-in safety stops, so you won’t accidentally pull the drawer out of the frame.

Interested buyers should note that there is quite a bit of assembly required, and some knowledge on how to do home DIY projects. Furthermore, the bed’s dimensions are 63 inches in width, 18.75 inches in height, and 81.75 inches in depth.

Coaster Queen Size Bookcase Chest Bed

If your bedroom has a cappuccino theme going on, then you’ll love the Coaster Queen Size Bookcase Chest Bed. Made with a cappuccino finish, this storage bed can fit a queen-sized mattress comfortably. The frame is made from wood veneers and solids, and the dimensions of the entire model are 93 inches by 63 inches by 56 inches for its length, depth, and height. The entire look of this particular model presents a contemporary yet classic approach to bedroom design.

What to Look For?

The first thing to consider when perusing the market for a storage bed is asking you, “How much storage space do I need?” Check the height of the base as some beds are shallower than others. Also, consider what you’re planning to put inside the extra storage spaces. Will you place underwear, your socks, or suitcases? Make sure that your items that you intend to place inside the storage bed will fit.

Also, some storage beds have feet while others have a base. Choose your preference in this regard, but do note that beds with feet tend to be more expensive with storage beds that just have a base. Nonetheless, purchasing a storage bed with feet can give a better finish.

Lastly, you might consider getting more security for the stuff you place on the storage bed. Some bed manufacturers take the security levels one step further by providing extra locks and safety measures for your valuable belongings. If you plan on placing jewelry inside the storage spaces found in your bed, then a model with extra security might be a must-buy for you.


Many families and individuals can benefit from the use of a storage bed. It wouldn’t matter if the location of the bed is the master bedroom, guest bedroom, or children’s bedroom, the extra storage space is a definite advantage for all.

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