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Got your hands full on paperwork? How ‘bout if your planning on assisting your friendly repairman in fixing wires or cables on your house over the weekend? Whatever it is you’re planning to do either in the office or at home, bring with you one of our best staple guns to achieve your desired results.

STANLEY Staple Gun

Still need to firmly press your staple gun for an effective fastening? Get STANLEY TR250 Sharp Shooter Plus Heavy Duty Staple Gun.

This staple gun is made of an easy-squeeze material to help you save time and energy. In fact, its purely metal drive makes sure your fastenings are secure even though you put less pressure on it.

This 1.5-pound product measures 12.3 inches long, 11.5 inches wide, and 10.3 inches thick. You may also use it as a brad nailer or cable and wire tacker. It comes with either a plain nail gun or with staple, or brad.


Don’t you just hate it when your staple gun gets stuck in the middle of a project? You won’t encounter the same problem again with ARROW FASTENER T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun.

This staple gun consists of a jam-resistant component that lets you finish fastening your projects smoothly without the hassle of it being stuck during consecutive uses. Plus, its all-steel design makes it highly resistant to damage for longevity.

This 1.4-pound, sturdy product measures 11 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 2 inches thick. It’s expertly forged at a heat of 1,500 degrees so it delivers maximum performance.


Does your staple gun become slippery after several uses because of your hand sweat? Kiss such an inconvenience goodbye with BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy Duty Powercrown Tacker.

This staple gun is composed of a rubber-coated, steel handle to improve your grip. With it, you no longer need to worry about the possibility of doing your projects the wrong way, just because the staple gun slipped from your hands.

For specifications, this one-pound product measures 8.9 inches long, 6.9 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick. It also has a light and easy-to-squeeze features that make it very convenient to use.

What to Look For

Whether you’re doing a professional or household work that requires attaching wires, nails, or other related activities, owning a handy staple gun lets you do your job in a hassle-free manner. Because of this, make sure that you pick a staple gun that doesn’t become a burden by referring to these factors.

  • Easy to Squeeze – One quality of a perfect staple gun is it must be easy to squeeze. With a lot of things on your plate, you’ve already got everything planned out and you don’t want to mess it up just because a stubborn staple gun is consuming a very large portion of your time and well-conserved energy. The point is, the easier for you to squeeze your staple gun, the more projects you’ll be able to finish on time, if not ahead of it.
  • Jam Resistant – Another thing that you shouldn’t neglect about a perfect staple gun is it’s supposed to be jam-resistant. There are a lot of staple guns out there that might be easy to squeeze but they lose their worth once they get jammed. Why? A stuck staple gun’s very hard to remove if its metal plates are already attached to a material. Moreover, if you’re not careful enough in removing it, it might suddenly destroy your projects which translates to additional expenses. Therefore, you need a staple gun that has a jam-resistant component so you can continue with your work uninterruptedly and worry-free.
  • Easy Grip – Last but not the least is pick an easy-grip staple gun. When searching for a staple gun, choose one that has a rubberized handle. Since rubber wicks away sweat, it helps you get a proper hold of your staple gun, in a manner that won’t make it slippery. And when your staple gun isn’t slippery, it means that you’ll also be able to finish many projects at a shortest possible time.


Going after the right staple gun in careful consideration to its easy-to-squeeze, jam-resistant, and easy-grip properties might be an extra job for a busy body like you. However, doing this helps you swiftly and accurately do your work, whether in the office or at home.

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