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There is another amazing trend nail artists came up with in order to give you fun and artistic nails and that’s the method of stamping. You need to use a stamping polish in order to do that. The use of stamping plates is another way to create amazing patterns to your nails and you can purchase them separately. If you want to try stamping your nails with designs you need to use the best stamping polish to achieve great results. We were able to gather here some of the best products available in the market to date.

Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish

Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish, Black

The first product on our list is a best-selling one that a lot of people recommend. This comes in various colors but the most popular one is the black one. The price of one bottle of this stamping polish is super affordable. Even if you purchase different colors in order to make amazing nail art you can do that without any worry. One bottle has 10 mL of the nail polish. You only need a small amount so one bottle can last for a long time. You can create different patterns and style with different colors and shapes.

BMC 2nd Generation Creative Nail Art Stamping Polishes

BMC 6pc 2nd Generation Creative Nail Art Stamping Polishes - Essentials: Primary

When it comes to stamping polish, BMC knows their products. This is one of the most popular brands and product when it comes to stamping nails to create art. The formula of this product is thick and heavy. You can expect to have high-quality nail stamping polish with this one. This product actually comes in a set. A set of stamping polishes comes at such a reasonable price. It has various colors that you can use and they are well-pigment which is important. This is a cruelty-free product that’s been tested for its amazing quality.

PUEEN Super Intense Nail Polish For Nail Stamping

PUEEN Super Intense Nail Polish For Nail Stamping Big 5-FREE Formula Nail Color Lacquer (805 - Black Jack)-BH000497

If you want to try intense nail stamping techniques then you need to use an equally intense type of stamping polish like this product. A lot of people recommend this product and for a good reason. It’s made of high-quality ingredients that can give you highly pigmented polish each time. This is perfect for nail art stamping. You can actually choose from various pigmented colors that this brand has and all of them are vibrant and attractive. The ingredients found in this nail polish are free from toxic ingredients. The price is pretty affordable too.


If you’re interested in nail art then you probably heard about stamping polish. In order for you to have a successful nail stamping session, you need to use the best stamping polish. There are different brands that you can check out and there are different colors to choose from. Good thing there are affordable stamping nails that you can get. Make sure that you purchase a stamping polish that has an amazing formula that’s perfect for stamping nails. It should also be highly pigmented and can be paired with other colors.

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