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So you’ve been wanting to get into nail stamping but don’t know where to begin. To start your new hobby, you need to have the best stamping nail polish. For those who’re not familiar with it, nail stamping is a technique that allows users to transfer pre-designed looks and patterns onto your nails. If you’re still confused by the previous explanation, then just think of it as painting designs on a stamp and then stamping them onto your nails. Does it sound like a grand idea? Then you’d better check out these great examples of stamping nail polishes we’ve found to kick-start your new hobby.

Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish, Black Pearl

Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish, Black Pearl

The Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish, Black Pearl is a special nail polish that’s only for use for the brand’s stamping nail art products for best results. While you can use this with other nail stampers, some might not provide adequate results. Verified users explained that using this stamping nail polish gave them more than pleasing results.

Coosa Professional Stamping Nail Art Polish

Coosa 6PCS Professional Stamping Nail Art Polish 10ml Nail Polish Varnish for Manicure Printing (25 Colors for Choose)

If you can’t decide on which stamping nail polish color to buy, then why not go for a complete set? The Coosa Professional Stamping Nail Art Polish comes in a set of 25 colors in one package, but know that if you order this online the colors might be selected at random. Nonetheless, these stamping nail polishes provide wonderful colors for your nails, and the effects are smooth and long-lasting.

BORN PRETTY Stamping Polish Colorful Nail Art

BORN PRETTY Nail Art Stamping Polish Pure Sweet Varnish Manicure Printing Lacquer Classic Color Selection

Like the Coosa Professional Stamping Nail Art Polish, the BORN PRETTY Stamping Polish Colorful Nail Art comes into the market as a set. One set includes 25 colors, and some retailers even allow their customers to choose which color they prefer.

What to Look For?

Like regular nail polishes, you need to choose the right stamping nail polishes for the job. Perhaps the first and most important factor to consider is the color. There’s a whole range of colors for stamping nail polishes you can find on the market, and it can be confusing which one to get. Hence, you might want to study up on your color combinations first.

However, if you’re completely new to the process and want to start as soon as possible, then a safe way to go about it is to choose stamping nail polishes with pastel or dark colors. Pastel and dark-colored nail polish will look great in just about any background.

Don’t forget to buy top coats that won’t smear. Top coats are an essential part to polishing and decorating your nails because it protects the design as much as possible. Without it, then don’t be surprised if your nail polish design gets destroyed by the end of the day.


With the best stamping nail polish in hand, don’t forget to buy the right nail stamper. Unless you’re really good at painting decorations on your nails without the need for any support, then a stamper is an essential tool to accurately paint those unique designs onto your pretty nails.


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