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You could waste your money buying some liquid you don’t really need, just to get the cheap spray bottle that it comes in, complete with annoying product labels that look strange and thrifty to onlookers, especially if you spray ironed clothes with one labeled like a window cleaner. It’s better to buy a dedicated high quality spray bottle without labels. They’re so affordable, so spraying clothes with a window cleaner sprayer just looks sad. If you choose a quality sprayer, that can help the environment because you could reuse it so many times, unlike the cheap sprayers sold with liquids.

Sally’s Organics Amber Glass Spray Bottle 16 oz

Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottle - Large 16 oz Refillable Container is Great for Essential Oils, Homemade Cleaning Products, Aromatherapy - Durable Black Trigger Sprayer w/ Mist and Stream Setting

This one is made of glass, proven chemically safe over thousands of years. At least you can be sure there’s no controversial BPA and lead. The color is the result of protection from ultraviolet radiation for your liquids. Another advantage is that it doesn’t stain easily like plastic, and is less porous. This spray bottle is so good it comes with a lifetime guarantee, is it any wonder why it’s number one with a ratio three times more than the nearest competitor?

As a tip you’ll save significantly if you buy in packs of two or four. It’s dishwasher safe, and sprays in either a mist or stream setting. Thick liquids like olive oil can’t be mist sprayed. The seller says that plastic bottles might cause smell and chemicals to adulterate the contents of the bottle. Some people had problems with the spray nozzle, but customer service replaces faulty ones.

Solo 418

It’s a 1 liter plastic bottle, with the highlight of a small handpump to give air pressure to the liquids that you want to spray out of it. If this isn’t enough to reduce hand fatigue, it even locks the trigger at your discretion so you can keep continuously spraying until the bottle is “empty”, great for arthritis sufferers. It has an interesting “drip guard” to help keep spray shooting in the right direction. This one is corrosion resistant so you can use it with chemicals like pesticides, but someone claimed late corrosion after using vinegar.

The Solo 418 is made from thin plastic, so it’s lightweight, but easier to break and just one crack as experienced by at least one customer, is enough to stop it from spraying, because it needs to hold air pressure. It streams long and strong or a very fine mist for wide economic coverage.

Tolco Spray Bottle

Tolco Empty Spray Bottle, Frosted Assorted Colors

This one has an 8 liquid ounce plastic spray bottle. You are randomly given a color, which has included pink for several guys. The best feature of this spray bottle is the comfortable ergonomic spray head. It can’t mist spray thick liquids like oils, but just streams them. The trigger has more sway room for longer pump strokes, so users don’t need to tire their hands with so many squeezes of the trigger. But you might need either big hands or long fingers to reach that trigger, else there’s other sprayers out there that’ll work better for you.

Some buyers have identified that the spray head doesn’t screw strongly onto the bottle, it lacks thread from a short neck. Your bottle might have burs from poor molding. If you’re not lucky with the bottle, it’s the spray head that matters most. Longevity varies, but their customer service is very good.

What to Look For

It’s unbelievable how many people reward manufacturers for low quality produce by buying the same item over and over again, every time they break down. Look for a lifetime durable sprayer like the Amber Glass one from Sally’s Organics. They have wonderful customer service and a lifetime guarantee as a testimony to their durable quality. If you want a hand pumped air pressure sprayer, be weary of bottle quality: poor seals or a tiny crack can let all the air pressure out.


Except for hand pumped air pressure sprayers, the bottle isn’t as important as the spray head. Bottles are often easy to replace, but if the head stops spraying, you normally can’t fix it. Fortunately there’s spray bottles made to last a lifetime, like the top sprayer here from Sally’s Organics, with a lifetime guarantee. If you don’t want glass, you can find a plastic bottle to fit it.

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