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Have you ever seen one of those wheels shown in game shows wherein hosts will spin them and the contestant gets something out of it wherever the needle or pin lands? These items are also highly popular in parties, and you can even buy them for your next social gathering. With a spinning wheel, you can bring that much-needed life to what could otherwise be a very boring event. You can even choose from a broad range of variants. If you’re already looking at the market for the best spinning wheel, then continue to read on as we’ve got some great examples just for you.

WinSpin Tabletop Spinning Prize Wheel

The WinSpin Tabletop Spinning Prize Wheel is a table top color and prize wheel made with an acrylic construction. It has PVC foam for the colored portions and for its stand. All the colors are completely customizable for different prize slots. Users can place either logos or texts on it. The spinning wheel will also have clicking sounds when spun to add to the excitement.

Dry Erase Spinning Prize Wheel

If you want a spinning wheel wherein you can reuse the colored portions again-and-again for different events and gatherings, then you might want to take a look at the Dry Erase Spinning Prize Wheel. It has a kid-friendly design, and you can use any dry erase marker on the colored areas. It also guarantees perfect balance when used so you don’t have to worry about it falling down.

Voilamart Fortune Spinning Game

The Voilamart Fortune Spinning Game has a long stand so you don’t have to search for a tabletop to properly set it up. It comes with 14 customizable color prize slots, and it has a magnetic center for advertising purposes.

What to Look For?

There’s a broad array of spinning wheels for parties on the market, and it can be tough to select which one suits your specific needs. Perhaps the first factor you’re willing to consider are the colors found in the wheel. Spinning wheels vary in giving partygoers different color schemes such as red and white, green and yellow, and blue and red. Some spinning wheels might even be just a plain white board shaped like a disc so that you can put anything on the partitions.

However, perhaps the most popular variant of spinning wheels that you can see on the market is the multicolored disc. These models will have colors that are more than two hues to allow more drama and action for every game that you use it with.

Aside from the colors, you also need to consider the durability of the wheel. The last thing you’d want is to let the spinning wheel fly off from its stand and into unsuspecting party guests. If it happens, then consider your social gathering over right then and there as it can cause major accidents. If you can, test the wheel out by giving it a spin as hard as you can.

However, if you’re buying online, then make sure to read the reviews first before going through with the transaction. Reading the reviews also ensures you that you’re going to get a quality spinning wheel, and not something that’ll get destroyed after one party.


Spinning wheels are a must-have for just about any party. Kids, adults, and children of all ages will have loads of fun when they have the device as part of the event. You can even play tons of games with it as well. You can place words and pictures in the partitions, and you can even mix-and-match particular rules to make the games with the spinning wheel more exciting than ever before.

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