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Modern technology combined with traditional spearfishing. None of the top spearguns were air powered, otherwise known as pneumatic spearguns. They were all band powered, which means simpler and cheaper with maintenance. But it can be very difficult to safely reload big spearguns, because of the stronger tension on the spear. Spearguns are single-shot, dangerous tools that need to be handled with much caution because they’re weapons. They’re supposed to be used underwater for lethally catching fish. When a spear with enough power penetrates a fish, the attached line can be used to retrieve both the spear and the fish.

Cressi Comanche Speargun

Its’ barrel isn’t vulnerable to bending. You choose barrel length. The short line advantage is: you’re less likely to lose the spear or pike someone in the murky unknown. But you need a bungee or reel, because the limited features out of the box, risk line breakage. This gun can withstand regular use, but the spear can get a bit bent if you shoot certain big fish.

It has comfortable rubber grip. The very taut band makes reloading very difficult for some people. The band loosens with use, but while tight there’s stronger spear thrust. The hard wishbone provides more spear launching power, but makes reloading more dangerous. There’s many mods for this popular speargun, including soft wishbones. One guy had a problem with the line crimps jamming, so he tied the line outside the barrel. Another suspected a problem with quality control. Someone claimed using it out of water.

Cressi Apache Spear Gun

This speargun is ideal for beginners. It has a two year warranty. You can choose barrel length. It can be reloaded in under 20 minutes, including the line. With only one band it’s difficult to reload underwater. The included line sometimes breaks. A few folk found the first notch on the spear to be somewhat useless.

It can be used as a secondary arm when hunting big fish or a primary arm when hunting small sized or medium fish. The gun and spear are durable quality. It has good bands, which can be upgraded, even with the wishbone. For a small speargun it packs some power, and it’s easy to use. Shooting fish at the same level or below you, will give you more power, but if you shoot upwards you’ll be wasting power trying to thrust the spear against gravity, which risks having the spear bounce off the fish.

SEAC New Sting Sling Speargun

This is a quality made speargun. The gun comes in different lengths. It can be difficult for some people to reload. It’s okay for beginners, but be very careful because many people have said they experienced the gun going off unexpectedly. The manual should be explained more clearly, with easy to understand images.

There’s been claims of the gun firing by itself, even with a failed plastic safety switch. Someone said their wishbone couldn’t handle loading the spear at the second notch. Some claimed the line and spear tip were missing from their orders, one said their spear was also missing. Many people loved it with claims like: good performance for the cost, but also there were almost around a third of people that had negative comments. The spear tip and barbs are small, and this caused a big fish to escape a fisherman “with a big hole in it.”

What to Look For

Spearguns are similar to firearms with regard to barrel length. A longer barrel gives you more power, and longer targeting ranges, but are a bit awkward to have. Shorter barrels have shorter ranges, but they’re quicker to use and easier to aim and carry. Don’t use a long range speargun in murky water, you need clear water so you can see the full range to be sure you won’t impale anyone.


Cressi dominated the top two and has a reputation for quality, well designed spear fishing going back many decades. All the guns reviewed here come with multiple barrel lengths, which the buyer must choose upon purchase. The longer barrels have more power for penetrating bigger fish, but can also be terribly difficult to reload, which depends how strong you are. It’s even more difficult to reload underwater. They really ought to add mechanisms to spearguns for easy reloading.

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