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Another great invention for helping us save and make our own kind of soy milk are soy milk makers. Gone are the days when we have to hit the mart and buy soy milk. With these makers, you can already have your own in just a few minutes for lesser costs and lesser time consumed. These soy milk makers also have their own technology that will give you great results for every batch of soy milk. Some of these are event versatile and can be used for making coffee or other nut milk. The list below shows the top 3 products.

SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker

This new model of soy milk maker from SoyaJoy is even better than the previous model. It replaces the 5-star model with this improved one with a 1.7-liter capacity. It also has an improved bottom heating technology that will speed up the process and make it easier to make soya milk. The grinder and cooking chamber are made from stainless steel. It has five different buttons that are automatic and will need just one click to perform different functions. It’s a 4th generation filter-less design that makes the grinder easy to clean. It has advanced temperature and water level sensors.

Tribest Soy Milk Maker

Another great soya milk maker is this one from Tribest. It’s made from stainless steel that will guarantee you its durability and long-lastingness. It’s not only great for soya milk but also for a variety of food as well. Some of these include raw almond milk, cashew milk, and other raw nut milk. It also makes porridge and rice paste in just 15 minutes. You can also use this as a coffee grinder because it comes with the necessary accessories for it. It has a concealed heating element for safety and each cycle is temperature controlled to give great results.

JOYOUNG Soy Milk Maker

JOYOUNG offers a soy milk maker that’s very easy to clean and is made with full stainless steel. This is their flagship model so you’re guaranteed with the best quality. It has several convenient features such as LED status indicator, double thickness technology for thicker soy milk, and a new lip for its cup design. This soy milk maker uses a 3D heating system that applies heat to the entire body for a more even cooking. This is computer controlled and will automatically pre-heat, grind, and cook all on its own with just a click of a button. Great, right?

What to look for

With several products to choose from in the market, you’re bound to have a hard time choosing the right one. Here are some of the things you need to consider when buying a soy milk maker:

  • Heating system – read about the heating system of the soy milk maker so you know how it works. There are several heating systems that produce different results but it would be great to purchase a soy milk maker that’s going to heat your soy evenly to produce great results each time.
  • Material – what are the grinder and cooker made of? The nicest material would be stainless steel because this material lasts longer and gives you a more pleasant taste. This also makes the soy milk maker easier to clean up. Other than that, you’re guaranteed that the maker is high-quality and won’t easily break after how many uses.
  • Temperature-control – this is also a very important aspect because you need the right temperature to produce great results. Get a soy milk maker that’s able to control its temperature whether automatically or manually that way your milk will be perfect each time.


With several products in the market, you also have different options. Make sure to read about different soy milk makers and choose the best one for you. You must also be able to properly clean the makers because this is going to be used for what you’re going to consume. Look for one that’s very easy to clean and easy to use to avoid any hassle. After all, you purchased this so you can avoid all that hassle and cost just to get soy milk from the mart. Choose well.

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