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In this generation where the internet is the main focal of things and being disconnected from the world in just 30 minutes feels like forever, you’re probably thinking of spending your time at home during the weekends instead of going out in the wild – hiking or maybe camping. Right now, we’re so advanced that we have power banks to recharge our mobile devices wherever we are, but if that runs out you’re basically good as dead. In this case, you’ll need a solar backpack. Fret not with empty batteries as the solar backpack charges its batteries to allow you to charge again whenever you need it.

ECEEN Hiking Solar Daypack

For the best solar backpack, it’s about being connected whatever you’re doing outside. The ECEEN Hiking Solar Daypack is made to cater whatever you do outside of your home, be it hiking, traveling, biking, camping, and backpacking – you name it. Aside from the main feature of powering up your mobile devices, it can also fold itself into a carry pouch for better convenience. The ECEEN Hiking Solar Daypack is available in 5 different colors – gray, red, blue, green, and orange, and can also be bought without the solar panel feature. The solar panel feature sports 3.5 watts foldable device with 2000mAh battery pack for the main backpack.

Lifepack Solar Powered Anti-Theft Backpack

Lifepack Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack with laptop storage

If you want your backpack to stand out and you want it to prevent from being snatched away from you, the next product is definitely what you’re looking for. With the Lifepack Solar Powered Anti-Theft Backpack, you’re going to look out of this world with its uniquely-modernized design. The Lifepack Solar Powered Anti-Theft Backpack comes in two colors – black and titanium gray. The Lifepack Solar Powered Anti-Theft Backpack is made with anti-theft feature thanks to the included integrated cable lock. Storage-wise, you can even fit a laptop. Moreover, you’re getting a 3-in-1 solar bank featuring Bluetooth speakers, power bank, and charger.

Ivation Solar Charging Panel Hydration Backpack

Being out in the wild is challenging. No fresh water, limited food, and no electricity. But if you’re afraid of those circumstances, you might want to get the next product for those specific needs. The Ivation Solar Charging Panel Hydration Backpack features almost everything that you’re going to need when it comes to survival. It features a bladder bag with flexible drinking pipe, a waterproof power bank carrying 10000mAh capacity and can be charged via the 7W/6V solar panel. The Ivation Solar Charging Panel Hydration Backpack comes in two colors – red and green. For your mobile devices, you can connect two devices at one from the 2 USB charging ports.

What to Look For

A solar backpack is a bit different compared to a regular backpack or an outdoor backpack, especially the construction and overall design. A solar backpack is made more durable because it carries a solar panel with it. So, when it comes to its weight, you might find the solar backpack a bit heavier. As a result, looking and picking a solar backpack is different to a regular backpack.

Since keeping the light as possible is the main concern, you need a solar backpack that balances lightweight, portability, and durability. Once you got the sweetest spot for your back, check the power bank that comes with it. It would be better if you can get at least 10000mAh capacity to ensure multiple charges. After that, check the sockets available that allow for simultaneous charging and the pockets to ensure you still have space for your essential needs.


If you’re looking to stay connected even you’re out in the wild, you might want to get a solar backpack in exchange for a power bank. With that said, the best solar backpack is the ECEEN Hiking Solar Daypack.

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