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When the coldest season hits your country, for those who have a winter season, you’re in for a treat as you’re able to explore and experience activities which include snow. For those living in countries which experience 4 seasons in a year, we bet you’re familiar with snow activities that you can do. One of those, of course, is the ever famous snow mobile. Similar to road trip but with the presence of snow and a motor snow ski. Before you try the activity, it’s best to know the importance of snowmobile helmet as to prevent any serious damage to your health and body.

IV2 Snowmobile Modular Helmet

For the best snowmobile helmet, it’s about being customizable so as to make your helmet as unique looking as possible in a way that’s cost-effective. In this case, only the IV2 Snowmobile Modular Helmet is the one that’s capable of that. Available in four different sizes from small to the extra large, the IV2 Snowmobile Modular Helmet meets and exceeds DOT requirements despite it being modular. With the combination of ABS thermal plastic composite shell featuring EPS impact foam and fiber reinforcement, the durability is not left out even with the feature of a single push button to flip-up that allows for conversion from full face to open face type in just a blink of an eye.

IV2 VIPER Modular Snowmobile Helmet

Coming off as the second best snowmobile helmet, the IV2 VIPER Modular Snowmobile Helmet provides the same modular feature but in the form of a dual visor this time. The IV2 VIPER Modular Snowmobile Helmet comes in the design of black and red aesthetic for a cool and outstanding design all the while being able to meet DOT requirements and standards. Construction for the IV2 VIPER Modular Snowmobile Helmet is from fiber reinforcement featuring Thermal Plastic Composite Shell with Impact foam for head protection against impacts. The modular feature comes in the form of push button between full face and open face type providing air vents and retractable anti-scratch dual inner sun visor.

IV2 VIPER Modular Dual Visor Snowmobile Helmet

If it’s about being stealthy and defeating the sun’s UV rays then you’re bound to get the next product. Coming off as the third best snowmobile helmet, the IV2 VIPER Modular Dual Visor Snowmobile Helmet also comes with the modular feature but only in two sizes of small and medium. Clad in black all around, the IV2 VIPER Modular Dual Visor Snowmobile Helmet features dual visor which reflects the sun’s UV rays while featuring anti-scratch dual inner visor for clear perception. Against potential accidental impacts. The IV2 VIPER Modular Dual Visor Snowmobile Helmet comes with EPS impact foam combined with the hard ABS thermal plastic composite shell keeping you safe and warm at the same time.

What to Look For

There are literally tons of snowmobile helmet out there that you can buy and use. Heck, even regular motorcycle helmet can pass as snowmobile helmet. That’s because motor helmets are made to protect the head against any impacts and bumps which occur accidentally. Although the main purpose is focused on that, manufacturers try to install exclusive features that make wearing snowmobile helmet not only for protection but fun to wear also.

Snowmobile helmet comes in different forms – from module to full face, open face, and snocross. Each of which provides exclusive advantages. But in terms of the coldest season, a full face is what you’ll need and what you’ll want. However, you’re going to have a bit of a hard time breathing inside since the ventilation is very limited. That’s why most people opt for the modular snowmobile helmet that lets you switch between open face and full face in just one simple easy click of a button. For the snocross helmets, they come rare and limited with the construction similar to a motocross helmet.

When you’re looking out for the best snowmobile helmet regardless of what type it is, make sure to heed some guidelines that we’re going to tackle.

Since it’s all about safety, make sure that the shell is hard and can protect your head from any extreme bumps in case something unwanted happens. Following that will be the foam which allows you to feel warm and comfy inside despite the limited breathing space. It’s also great to have a dedicated breather so that the carbon dioxide is exhausted from the helmet rather than circulating inside it, thus making it further hard to breathe.

And of course, winter season doesn’t mean the sun won’t be shining. A good sun visor for protection against sun burns should come in handy in this situation.


If you’re planning to do snowmobile activity, then you must have a snowmobile helmet that’ll protect you against cold and injuries in case something bad happens. The best snowmobile helmet is the IV2 Snowmobile Modular Helmet.

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