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Have you ever tried putting your wet dishwashing sponge on a kitchen counter only to make the surface wet and more difficult to deal with because of the dampness? You might be thinking, “But kitchen counters are supposed to handle the wetness with minimal problems, right?” While that notion may be true, you still don’t want your sponge contracting or spreading germs that might already be in it. What you want is a dedicated place near your kitchen sink to hold your sponge and other cleaning materials. What you need is the best sink caddy on the market.

InterDesign Gia Kitchen Sink Suction Holder

If you’re looking for a good number of designs for your next sink caddy, then check out the InterDesign Gia Kitchen Sink Suction Holder. It’s available in bronze, copper, matte black, matte white, pearl gold, pearl white, polished, regular, and satin designs. This product can hold your scrubber, sponge, drain stopper, and scouring pad in one convenient package.

simplehuman Sink Caddy

The simplehuman Sink Caddy has a pop-out silicone brush holder to help you put in large brushes. It also has a secure fit so you don’t have to worry about the device suddenly falling off your kitchen counter. This kitchen caddy also has a design and construction that allows for quick drying procedures. Its stainless steel construction makes it rust proof and durable at the same time.

simplehuman Slim Sink Caddy

You can keep your sink dry, neat, clean, and well-organized with the simplehuman Slim Sink Caddy. While it doesn’t have the pop-out silicone brush holder mentioned in the other item in this list that comes from the same brand, it does have a sleeker and more form-fitting factor, which is ideal for kitchens with tight spaces.

What to Look For?

Note that there are different variations of sink caddies on the market, and looking at all of them might make you dizzy in confusion as to which model to bring home. Some sink caddies have a stainless steel construction, and this might be your preferred choice because of its long life and optimum levels of durability. However, do note that stainless steel and metal steel caddies are regarded as the most expensive variants.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of your hard-earned cash on a sink caddy, then you might want to look for other cheaper variants, such as those made with plastic. Sink caddies with a hard plastic construction will still be durable but they’re not as sturdy as their metal counterparts. At the very least, a plastic caddy will be easy to deal with, especially regarding the financial aspect of things.


When you look at the market, you needn’t be confused as to which sink caddy to get. You can consult this short guide to help you buy and use the best sink caddy that won’t put too much strain on your budget. Picking the right kitchen sink caddy will help you store your sponges and other kitchen cleaning materials without them leaving a mess of the place.


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